“God Preserve Us from The Dutch -They Give So Little but Take So Much” – Fishermen’s Organsitation

Fishing for Leave says Samuel Pepys words from the 1600s could well be those of marine life in the southern North Sea subjected to EU Electric Pulse Fishing.

After protesting the governments Transition deal with 200 vessels in ports nationwide on Sunday the 8th, Fishing for Leave are furious that the government’s capitulation to obeying all EU law during the Transition not only traps Britain’s fishing industry in the disastrous CFP with huge economic and social impact but also allows a serious environmental impact by allowing the EU to continue using the highly controversial Electric Pulse Fishing in British waters.

There has been ongoing anger on both sides of the channel by both fishermen and conservationists that under the guise of a ten year ‘trial’, the EU has allowed 100 large vessels exception to use Electric Pulse fishing AGAINST the EU’s own ban on electric fishing and DESPITE the EU’s own scientists recommendations against it.

Alan Hastings Fishing for Leaves spokesman said;
“Electric Pulse fishing is nothing more than a corporate racket to save an inefficient Dutch beam trawl fleet which takes the majority of its catches from British waters – the UK receives 7% of the North Sea Dover Sole quota yet 67% of the stock and catches are taken in what should be UK waters”.

“Brexit would allow Britain to ban this method until it proves it is not responsible for the environmental devastation that local, low impact inshore fishermen see in the areas Pulse fishing is used in the Southern North Sea”.

“Disgustingly the surrender to the transition means the EU will be able to keep using Electric fishing for 21 months causing further indiscriminate damage to Britain’s marine ecosystem”.

Fishing for Leave is also furious that the government and DEFRA have sanctioned 12 EU owned but UK registered “Flagships” to use pulse fishing under the British register allowing these vessels to fish inside the member states 12-mile limit up to the beach which FFL say is “to the government’s eternal shame”.

“The NFFO which purports to represent ‘British’ fishermen, but which official government records show 70% of its memberships quota is EU “Flagships” has not officially condemned this method”.

“This shows rather than official resistance to the use of this method that there is government complicity in allowing the big EU flagship companies represented by the NFFO to continue what many see as the muscular rape of British waters with a method akin to tasering fish such is the type of current it deploys”.

“Not only has Mr Gove sold out the indigenous British industry to a transition period that will allow the EU to enforce detrimental rules to cull what’s left of the UK fleet to claim our resources but his pretensions towards a green, environmentally friendly Brexit are worth nothing if EU flagships and Pulse fishing is allowed to continue”.


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