High treason, according to Wikipedia, can loosely be described as disloyalty to the Crown. What constitutes treason has meant different things over the years and in 1828, Petty Treason ceased to be a distinct offence from murder and consequently was just referred to as Treason. You’d have to be a legal expert in many cases to be able to define clearly what treason is, but interestingly, people have been tried and executed for offences that although serious, seem relatively minor offences, compared to some of the activities of our more recent politicians. In 1946, William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) was executed by hanging for the treason of broadcasting German propaganda during World War 2.

What about today’s constant Islamic propaganda by our politicians? Theresa May, after the recent terrorist attack in Westminster, has had the audacity to maintain the rhetoric that:

“Islam is a religion of peace”.

The evidence would suggest otherwise, lies of course and just as much an act of treason as William Joyce’s propaganda.

According to a damning letter from the then Lord Chancellor Lord Kilmuir, Prime Minister Edward Heath, it is clear that they and the government of the day were plotting treason from the outset before signing the UK up to be a member of the European Economic Community. Kilmuir’s letter states that this was treason and suggests ways around it. Hardly surprising then that we’ve had a narrow escape from a community that morphed into an anti-democratic monster that nearly robbed us of our sovereignty entirely.

There is an interesting government video here, that states clearly what democracy is and compares it with a dictatorship. The people are supposed to be allowed a voice and a say, given a choice. We originally voted to join a common market, not to lose our sovereignty and democratic rights.

The erosion of our democratic rights was further compounded by Tony Blair’s decision to allow almost unfettered immigration from the Third World. Multiculturalism has been a disaster for the indigenous British people. Wherever this has been tried in the world, it has failed and led to endless violence. It has put our social and health services under unbearable strain, made property unaffordable for younger indigenous Brits and cost them jobs: Third World polarisation coming to the United Kingdom. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, we indigenous British are losing control of our own democracy as these immigrants are allowed to vote. We were certainly given no choice, we never voted to lose our country and democracy. As a result, our government is no longer a representative of the indigenous British People.

In my recent article: ‘Hijrah’ I wrote about the Islamic method of conquest, starting with infiltration, consolidation of power, open war with existing leadership and culture and finally; totalitarian Islamic theocracy. Unfortunately, the first two stages are complete, open warfare is imminent.

The mainstream political parties have actively facilitated this Islamic invasion; they are unable to back out now as this would finally force them to admit their decades of betrayal and treasonous propaganda. Even if UKIP were to get its act together, the demographics would be even further against us by the next general election, and by the election after that the situation would be hopeless. We have no hope of regaining our country and democracy by democratic means.

It seems that the best hope our politicians have is to maintain their betrayal and treason until we’re consumed by Islam. The history books will tell us why they saw fit to betray and sell out their own people, but they never seem to retire poor and seem to be well rewarded when they leave office: that’s another story for now.

We native and indigenous Brits have had our country and democracy stolen from us by many decades of stealth and deceit. The European Economic Community that we were deceitfully coerced into joining has tried to morph into an anti-democratic super-state, it has facilitated a mass Islamic Hijrah as a weapon against us.

For all the reasons that I’ve mentioned above, the violence and open warfare with Islam is about to start. The Muslims will not take any criticism or resistance from us and already consider our country theirs. We’ve seen by recent events in the Middle East, just what Muslims do to unbelievers, particularly Christians: they’ve been tortured, beaten, raped, decapitated and burnt alive. If we don’t make a stand, this will be our future too.

The Koran forbids Muslims to integrate with us, they must dominate us, making us convert or dies. What sane white British citizen would wish to be dominated and consumed by a savage, totalitarian, misogynist, violent and barbaric culture that practises Female Genital Mutilation, brutal gang rape and demands total subservience and obedience.

This war is coming whether you like it or not, and for the first time in our history we’ll have no government leadership, they no longer represent us and are just as much the enemy as Islam itself. Our government will be against us, including the police. What side the armed forces will be on remains to be seen.

The attack on democracy is worldwide: the United States are on the verge of a constitutional crisis, the globalists are desperate to start a war with Russia and seem to have formed a partnership with Islam or at least certain Islamic states. The world is aligning for another world war, I have no doubt; the battle lines will once again run through Britain and Europe. The fighting this time though will start on our streets, who knows where it will end up.

So, this is where decades of treason and betrayal have gotten us, it’s important to stop listening to the treasonous propaganda, you’ll be fighting this war as patriots for the return of your country and for the freedom and democratic rights of your children and grandchildren. We have been disenfranchised in our own country and we were never given a democratic choice.

I don’t write this because it’s what I want – I certainly didn’t, and none of us asked for it!

Photo by simon.hedge

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