I am writing this article because I believe that it’s time to draw the threads of our arguments together and state our case explicitly. I often read the articles and comments on UKIP Daily and I am thankful that people are waking up to the extent of the treason and betrayal that our country and its people have been subjected to for many decades now.

Let’s start with the idea of ‘fake news’. Merkel and many other globalist leaders are in a state of panic because they are being beaten by the internet and social media: “We must ban hate speech.” There is much academic research available on the emotion of hate and I won’t quote specific sources, but it is there to be referenced if needs be.

Hate is one of our oldest survival instincts, we are instinctively wary of those outside our tribe and if we perceive them to be a threat, hate is the important emotion of survival. Like it or not, mankind is a tribal animal; according to research, our tribal instincts are stronger than our powers of reason and logic. Yet here we have a globalist elite (call them what you will) requiring us to put aside many thousands of years of cultural development to become multicultural. This is doomed to failure. I’m sure the globalists know this and the only way their plans can work is if they plan to completely subjugate or even destroy many of us.

While doing some research to support this article, I was shocked at the amount of newspaper articles I found where it is being demanded by everyone from Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, many other globalists, bleeding heart Liberals and Muslims themselves that it is up to us to integrate with Islam. The politicians that we have in the past elected to represent us are telling us that we must roll over and be assimilated by a totally alien, repressive and to us barbaric and totalitarian regime. This isn’t going to happen; this is going to end in disaster and violence. There will only be winners and losers and it is time we woke up, faced this reality and confronted the lies told by decades of our politicians. We must state our case explicitly and clearly.

Currently, we’ve managed to give the globalists a bloody nose, but already they are fighting back. There are plans afoot by people such as Blair, Clegg and many others to subvert Brexit. They are aiming for a downturn in the British economy to turn public opinion away from Brexit. I would say this economic downturn is already being planned, possibly on a global scale, and it would also have the effect of leaving the Trump administration with ‘scorched earth’, making Trump unpopular too. This may sound like a conspiracy theory and indeed many of these theories suggest this possibility, but now I think it could happen – it is the one ace card that the globalists still hold. Maybe this is just speculation on my part but with the world in its current economic state it would be very easy to achieve.

The world economy and financial markets have been the subject of as much misinformation and lies as multiculturalism has been. As I know you’re all aware, since the financial crisis of 2008, none of the fundamental financial and economic problems have been addressed, just money printing and ultra-low interest rates: still the world economy hasn’t reached escape velocity. The stock and property markets have been driven by short term speculation and have become totally divorced from fundamentals. Many banks are still close to the edge, it would be very easy to engineer a global financial and economic catastrophe. This article written by Vern Gowdie gives an interesting perspective on where we stand at the moment. Whatever your opinion of this publication and author, this time I agree with them. There is much speculation around at the moment; possibly it will be a US dollar crash (likely at some point), but I think the first indication will be the Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates in a few days’ time. This has the potential to initiate trouble.

The globalist elite that has been feeding us a pack of lies for so many years are cornered and getting desperate, but they will not give up, they will get more dangerous. You can imagine what would happen in the United Kingdom, such a densely populated place, if there was a financial and economic breakdown and there was a shortage of food and other essentials. Gone would be the cohesion that got us through hard times and conflict in the past. We would divide along racial lines and the fighting would start, a fight that is coming sooner or later anyway.

The lies and subterfuge of decades of traitorous politicians are coming to a head. We need to stare reality in the face and prepare accordingly – there is no way this can end well. I myself and I’m sure most of you reading this article have no intention of being dominated or even integrating with Islam: this is our country and the time is coming when we probably will have to fight for it again. Time to call treason ‘treason’ and start yelling it at the tops of our voices.

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