The unanimous verdict of The Media on the Tory revolt in favour of MP Dominic Raab’s amendment to the Immigration Bill is that David Cameron has lost control of his own previously servile party, and with it the last tattered shreds of his authority as Prime Minister.

With 87 Tory backbenchers in open rebellion – that’s one third of the Conservative parliamentary party –  its clear that the formerly headless chickens in the Tory farmyard are openly squawking dissent, and Farmer Dave had to rely on the votes of Labour and his Lib Dem soulmates  in order to stave off defeat.

The Raab amendment itself was a modest proposal to deport foreign criminals convicted of serious crimes in Britain, even at the risk of making them ‘stateless’. It would have flouted the European Convention on Human Rights, which currently takes precedence over British laws passed by a Parliament which used to – but no longer does – exercise supreme sovereign power.

Most ordinary people would feel that Raab’s proposal is sheer common sense and a tiny step towards restoring the sovereignty that our political class has wantonly squandered, but not this flabby Government of craven cowards. Well knowing that they are powerless in the face of Europe’s diktats, but lacking the cojones to openly admit it, Dave and his cronies sat on their hands and abstained –  relying on their Labour and Lib Dem Europhile mates to defeat Raab.

The hidden force that has kick started this failed Tory revolt, of course, is the relentless rise in UKIP support – a development which threatens to deprive many Tories of their comfy seats in the 2015 General Election that is now uncomfortably close.

Yet again, therefore, UKIP should take heart: Tory Eurosceptics have once again proved to be toothless tigers, and the Europhile-in-chief Cameron has been exposed in all his pitiful weakness and duplicity. Moreover, Labour and the Lib Dems have been shown up, yet again, to be, like the Camservatives, the party which coddles criminals – especially foreign ones – favours illegal immigrants, and obeys foreign judges rather than make our laws.

With the Wythenshawe and Sale by-election now less than a fortnight away, and Dave’s fake Referendum Bill scam due to collapse within a month, the time is ripe for UKIP to deliver yet more devastating blows to the crumbling coalition and expose LibLabCon for the useless, treacherous shambles that they are.

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