You may have noticed that the USA is electing a new President this year. That’s in November, and before that, the various candidates are rushing around the States to garner support from their party delegates for the big party conference s in the summer, where the one Presidential candidate for each party will be selected. The one with the most delegate votes wins that first hurdle. The first primary takes place next week, on February 1st. It’ll provide a hint as how the front runner and the ‘black horse coming on the inside rail’ are doing.

But enough of that – let’s get to the nitty gritty: Trump or no Trump?

We’re told to either hate Trump because he’s bad, or adore him because he ain’t no Obama. Bis non dat said the ancient Romans, or, translated into modern parlance, ‘there’s no alternative’.

The combined Left in politics and the MSM have of course already made up their minds.

After the shameful debate in the House of Commons Grand Committee Room  about the petition to ‘ban Trump from entering the UK’, we’ve all learned that for a Leftie, that is Labour and SNP MPs, Trump is a horrible racist and islamophobe who shouldn’t be allowed to step on our pristine soil.

It is of course irrelevant that Trump’s remark wasn’t ‘ban all muslims’, but ‘ban all muslims until these troubles (ISIS terrorist attack in Paris) are over’. After all, terrorist attacks have nothing to do with islam, as we’re being told by our politicians at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, though it looks as if Mr Trump could well win the nomination as Presidential Candidate for the Republicans later this year, and if so, might win against the Democratic candidate, be it the more and more unelectable Ms Hillary Clinton or the internationally unknown Bernie Sanders (no, I haven’t a clue as to who he is either …)

So do we accept our American cousins’ enthusiasm, going out all guns blazing, or do we prefer the more cautious approach shown by our Nigel Farage?

Perhaps the arguments of some staunch American conservatives might help us to make up our minds.

I found the contributions at this US publication, ‘National Review’ , very interesting. They hosted an online symposium last week about Trump here.

I recommend, nay, urge you to read it for the various, thought-provoking contributions by eminent American conservatives.

Here’s one quote I found significant and well worth pondering, in the context of the EU “refugee crisis” and the resurgence of patriotic (or “extreme right wing populist”) parties in EU states:

The Trump voter is moderate, disaffected, with patriotic instincts. He feels disconnected from the GOP and other broken public institutions, left behind by a national political elite that no longer believes he matters.

This diagnosis describes exactly every single voter in every EU country who wants to or has voted for these “extreme right wing populist” or, in my opinion, patriotic parties. Remove “Trump”,exchange any government party in the EU for “GOP”, and we get a precise description of the feelings of ordinary people from here, or in France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and Hungary, for starters.

This is where the danger lies for the establishment parties across the EU member states, this is the reason for the establishment MSM across the EU member states to attack Trump with all guns blazing.

They attack Trump and by extension all people described in the quote above because in fact they are unwilling to even see that it is they themselves who created him and the problems for which they themselves have no solution.

The danger however isn’t just a President Trump – it is that the establishment in the USA and here in the EU is fixating on a person, and not on the underlying problems which allowed that person to rise.

That danger is the apparent inability of politicians and governments to address the huge underlying problem, namely the uncontrolled migration, if not invasion, into our countries – a migration, as reported in my previous articles, which has been long in the making and is supported overtly and covertly by the UN, EU and NGOs.

It is this danger which Trump addresses, and for which he of course is being smeared and attacked as ‘racist’. (Ed: And even islamophobic)

We must however be aware that any explicit support for Trump, especially at this crucial stage in our own history where we fight for BREXIT, inevitably means that we will be smeared with the same smears as Trump.

Yes, we’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt – but it is something we really can do without right now.

Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons

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