On Nov 15th, at 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, Donald Trump made a major announcement from the White House. (see here) The announcement was all about the President’s tour of the Far East and his negotiation with Japan, South Korea, China and the Philippines.

The President talked about the hospitality he’d received, the good will, sanctions against North Korea and free but fair trade discussions that he’d had. I found all of this interesting for the following reasons.

I was recently watching a video by Olavo de Carvalho, a Brazilian Professor currently lecturing in the US and a member of The Political Science Association in Washington. The video is in Portuguese, but I’ll include a link for those of you that can understand it.

Professor Carvalho discusses Cultural Marxism, George Soros and Globalisation, he identifies three competing powers struggling for world dominance today: Islam, Globalists and a Russian/Chinese alliance.

We’ve discussed Islam here endlessly, perhaps we’ll take break from it today, let’s start with globalisation. Globalisation, in an age of cheap air travel, a wired world of instant communication and trading was always something that was going to happen, the important thing though is the motivation that drives it.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate Power.”

A quote often attributed to Benito Mussolini.

I’ve written myself in the past about this and thought we’d Have to find a new name to describe the  globalists of today, but Mussolini’s quote, whether it was him that said it or not, is simple and to the point. The above quote has made my mind up that the globalists that we all despise are indeed Fascists.

This is an important distinction, we UKIPers and Brexiteers have endlessly been called Fascists by very naive people, who themselves are unwittingly supporting Fascism, they themselves are the Fascists.

Nigel Farage has recently spoken out about George Soros , his attack on Nation States and his strong influence upon the European Union. That the European Union is dominated by corporate power, in particular the banks, there is not much doubt. We’ve seen the European Union use debt as a weapon to undermine nation states, we’ve watched a trade deal, the Common market, morph into nearly a European superstate.

We’ve watched the globalists try to establish further global trade deals such as the TPPA, TTIP, Tisa etc, all instruments not so much about trade but about the slow erosion of sovereign power in favour of corporate power. Fascism in every sense of the word.

Those that want to keep us tied to the European Union are Fascists, Theresa May is a Fascist along with many others in Parliament today. We do not have a democracy in our country we have a Fascist government that largely supports the European Union, despite their claims to the contrary.

Vladimir Putin has been called a tyrant and many other unpleasant things too, the globalists seem determined to start a war with Russia, but Putin could be all of the things he’s been accused off and I’d still dislike him a lot less than the likes of Merkel, Juncker and a whole host of other Fascist Eurocrats.

China is about to launch the Petroyuan and I’ve recently read that Russia is about to do the same thing with the Rouble. Given the dependence of the US on the Dollar’s reserve currency and petrodollar status to maintain its massive multi trillion dollar, just about unrepayable debt, I and many others have predicted that this can only lead to trouble and conflict between the US, China and Russia.

All of the above at a time when suddenly Donald Trump is talking about increased co-operation against North Korea, strong but fair reciprocal trade between the Asia Pacific region and the US. Plus China, Korea and Japan making massive investments in US industry and weapons sales to Japan. Most importantly President Trump talked about free but fair trade but with utmost respect for national sovereignty.

Of course Donald Trump’s words for now are just political rhetoric, but they have the potential to be so much more. Certainly global trade with respect for national sovereignty is something totally different to what current globalists desire, their main aim has been to destroy the nation state.

What President Trump could really be doing is just initiating TPPA type trade deals in disguise, time will tell and we must watch this carefully. Trade is trade and is essential in the modern world Fascism is not, we can but hope for something better from the Trump presidency.

The debt situation is becoming impossible to manage both in the US and China, is it possible that Donald Trump will find a way of avoiding the next financial collapse and crisis that so many have predicted. Such a financial collapse would be the inevitable outcome of the Fascist driven approach to globalisation.

Donald Trump, in spite of the ups and downs of his early years in business, a pattern that would be familiar to any entrepreneur, has proved himself to be a very capable and shrewd businessman: the same could not be said for Barack Obama.

We’ve watched Donald Trump overcome massive prejudice and ridicule, to against all odds become the President of the United States. There is a lot more to Donald Trump than meets the eye, could he be a President that is as good as his word and ushers in a democratically globalised world without Fascism or is this just more political rhetoric?

Time will tell we can but hope.

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