Daily Telegraph

Labour’s poll lead down to one point (also in the Guardian)
– Flood victims have every right to be angry, admits minister

Daily Express

Daily Mail

RBS sell-off in jeopardy as it faces an £8bn loss
PM wants your children to die, says BBC comic and candidate for National Health Action Party
Rent out your Palace, MPs tell the Queen

The Times

Wrong kind of people are in UKIP, Farage says (also in Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail)
– Leader column: NewKIP. Nigel Farage has grand ambitions to replace the Conservatives with UKIP. If they were taken seriously, the consequences would be deliver a Labour government

The Guardian

– German Foreign Minister: The dangers of forgetting. Heed the lessons of 1914. Those who rail against the EU should appreciate it has brought us peace   

The Independent

– A local party feud, claims of dirty tricks… is Thirsk and Malton the Tories’ Falkirk? (also in the Daily Mail)

The Sun

Daily events

In the House of Commons

– Defence Select Committee. Subject: Afghanistan. Witness(es): Lt-General James Everard, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Military Strategy and Operations), Vincent Devine, Director Operational Policy and Neil Crompton, Director for Afghanistan and South Asia
– Energy and Climate Change Select Committee. Subject: IPCC 5th Assessment Review

In the House of Lords

– Legislation. Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill – Consideration of Commons amendments – Lord Wallace of Tankerness
– Economic Affairs Select Committee. Subject: The Economic Impact on UK Energy Policy of Shale Gas and Oil


– First estimate of Q4 GDP is published by the Office for National Statistics.
– Press call with Rail Minister Stephen Hammond previewing the next-generation Thameslink train. The minister will unveil a full-scale mock-up of the train, delivered as part of the Government’s £6.5bn Thameslink Programme. This will run on both the Peterborough and Cambridge route and Bedford to Brighton route which will later join to create direct services from Peterborough and Cambridge across London to London Bridge, Gatwick and beyond.
– Welsh Assembly Plenary. Plenary session of the Welsh Assembly. Includes questions to First Minister Carwyn Jones.
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