Will you end up poorer than your parents? Children of the 60s and 70s are worse off because of meagre pay rises, dwindling pensions and sky-high property prices

  • Workers aged from 34 to 53 are punished by the economic climate
  • Their only hope of a comfortable retirement is a large inheritance
  • Report found family finances have been battered over past decade
  • Study published today by the influential Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • It adds that the prospects for today’s teenagers could be even worse


Disgraced peer Lord Hanningfield claims £300 a day for spending just 20 MINUTES in the House of Lords

  • Former Conservative turning up at Westminster just to register presence
  • 73 year old was jailed two years ago for fiddling allowance
  • Members of the House of Lords do not get paid a salary


We can’t pull up the drawbridge, says Clegg: Cap on EU migrants would be illegal, Lib Dem leader warns

  • Lib Dem leader says Home Office should focus on reinstating exit checks
  • Warns of the impact of ‘pulling up the drawbridge’ to the rest of Europe
  • Leaked report suggests capping EU migration at 75,000 each year
  • Home Secretary Theresa May warns of ‘growing concern’ about EU rules


Jails free foreign convicts who still pose a danger: Officials are making little effort to rehabilitate criminals because they wrongly assume they will be deported

  • Prisons help inmates get a house and benefits once released, report says
  • But little was being done to help turn them away from a life of crime
  • Foreign prisoners were released without proper assessment of their risk


Up to 15,000 immigrants sneak into Britain through Calais every year: Deputy Mayor says town has become a ‘magnet’ for foreigners trying to cross the Channel

  • Claims made by town’s deputy mayor Phillipe Mignonet
  • He joined the call for Britain to do more to stop migrants using the route
  • Suggested the border be moved to other side of the channel to resolves the problem


Opinion poll reveals Ukip is second to Tories in key seats

SUPPORT for the UK Independence Party has soared in the Tory heartlands, an opinion poll revealed last night.


Can Theresa May lead us out of the European Union?

THERESA MAY first impinged herself on the nation’s consciousness when clad in leopard-print shoes she told the 2002 Conservative Party conference that it had to face up to its public image as the “nasty party”.


UK accuses Argentina of ‘bullying’ oil firms who drill off Falklands

The Foreign Office (FCO) insists the Falklands are not subject to a new law passed by the Argentine Congress and accused Argentina of ”bullying tactics” in the long-running dispute over the sovereignty of the islands


Alex Salmond under pressure to account for ‘mystery’ Ryder Cup spending

Alex Salmond is challenged to provide details of ‘mystery’ Ryder Cup spending after a Telegraph investigation discloses new details of why a trip to Chicago cost £468,580.


A Mills bomb is ticking away under No 10’s Immigration Bill

An amendment tabled by a Tory backbencher has rekindled divisions over the EU’s influence


The stand-off in Kiev shows the EU’s greatest weakness – and its greatest strength


Why are European powers (and Oxfam) funding a radical Israeli group?

Conservative Home

The European project is finally facing its Waterloo

Guido Fawkes

UKIP Polling Up to 30% in Key Swing Seats


Tory Lord Hanningfield exposed in ‘clocking in’ scandal ripping off taxpayers for thousands of pounds

The 73-year-old peer has previous for milking the system. He spent nine months behind bars for fiddling his accounts in the last Westminster expenses scandal


Tory chairman Grant Shapps objects to homes plan for airfield where he kept private plane

The former Housing Minister was branded a “NIMPA” by Labour sources – ‘Not In My Private Airfield


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