We spend £35million a year to lock up Polish criminals … because the jails there are full: 900 criminals held in our packed prisons

  • Polish are the largest foreign contingent in our prisons, the MOJ said
  • None will have to serve their sentences back home until December 2016
  • Deal agreed by Labour to give Poland time to build new jails
  • Prison places cost around £40,000 every year

Asylum given to atheist… on the grounds of religion: Afghan would face persecution if he is sent home because he gave up Muslim faith

  • Home Office granted man refugee status because of his right to religion
  • Came to Britain six years ago – but has abandoned his Muslim faith
  • Lawyers say it is first time asylum has been granted on religious grounds

Britain must have ‘red card’ veto on meddling EU laws: Tory backbenchers step up pressure on Cameron

  • Group of Eurosceptics want to limit free movement across continent
  • Also want to ‘give red card’ to EU proposals and existing laws 
  • Group headed by Andrea Leadsom, who says without change there would be ‘overwhelming’ calls for Britain to exit EU
  • In MailOnline piece, MP outlines what Fresh Start group are pressing for
  • Says challenge is to make a reformed ‘competitive and accountable’ EU
  • George Osborne will tomorrow speak about the country’s future in Europe

Immigration has been exciting! Ken Clarke sparks Tory row with claim the EU has NOT led to ‘unacceptable waves of migration’

  • Cabinet minister insists migrants made a positive contribution to UK
  • Clarke risked anger of No.10 with claim Britain is now ‘more exciting’ 
  • He rejected the idea that freedom of movement laws caused problem
  • Put on the spot, William Hague refuses to back his colleague’s remarks

Slash red tape for firms that don’t trade with EU, say business chiefs

  • Business for Britain, representing 800 business leaders, made proposals
  • Says only 5% of companies who trade with EU should be subject to single market rules
  • British firms freed from regulation that costs £7.5 billion a year in plans
  • David Davies and John Redwood thought to back the plan


Migrant numbers are ‘out of control’, PM blasts in stinging rebuke to Ken Clarke

IMMIGRATION was allowed to “run out of control” for a decade, the Prime Minister revealed last night.

Tory pleads for an ‘English language only’ rule at polls to beat fraud

ENGLISH should be the only language used by officials at polling stations to prevent electoral fraud, a council chief said yesterday.


Ed Miliband: I can save the middle class

Red Ed tries to claim that, but James Kirkup takes him to task with this in his leader. Kirkup even manages to quote Alistair Campbell as criticising Ed Milliband’s lack of substance behind his “One Nation” concept.

And what they are all missing is the elephant in the room: the EU.

France attacks ‘ailing’ NHS and claims it has better roads and rail

Britain embroiled in diplomatic row with France after embassy says NHS is ‘ailing’ and its roads, rail and tax system is better

Sharing NHS data saves lives; EU obstruction will not

Modern medicine relies on the sharing of data. The European Union’s new data protection regulation could cripple research

Shale gas boost as plans for EU laws are scrapped

European Commision documents suggest fracking could cut or cap energy prices in Europe

The BBC: still as pro-EU as ever after all these years


The Tories don’t have a coherent economic policy. We need to find one – fast

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