Home repossessions ‘are set to soar again’: Thousands could lose properties when period of rock-bottom interest rates ends

  • Over last five years, number of home repossessions has dropped every year
  • However, this ‘benign period’ may soon ‘be coming to an end’, warn experts
  • House prices are also predicted to rise by 44 per cent over next seven years


Veteran dies after dementia patient attacks him with a bottle on NHS ward: Distraught family brand his death ‘a national disgrace’

  • Richard Bowman, 86, died 12 days after being beaten by patient
  • Found by nurses in pool of blood with massive head, leg and arm injuries
  • Son, Charles, said his father should not have been left alone with patient, who is thought to have bipolar disorder

How crime lords slip into Britain: MPs warned gangsters are flying in and out with impunity because border guards are failing to check private planes

  • Labour MP Margaret Hodge made her warning in a damning report
  • Staff shortages meant freight coming in to ports went unchecked
  • Report found huge gaps in the data the agency receives


Food prices to rise faster than salaries until 2018: Fresh produce could become a rare treat for poorer families

  • Cost of putting food on the table to rise by 3.8 per cent next year
  • Eating out has become more expensive by seven per cent
  • Fewer UK households consuming fruit, vegetables and meat


Council offers travellers £500 to improve their caravans if they move to alternative site

  • Haldon Hill near Exeter has housed 100 travellers in vans for 12 years
  • Teignbridge District Council has won a grant to upgrade the facilities
  • But now struggling as only a handful of families chose to take the step up


Ministers’ bid to block report that says HS2 is in danger of failing: Transport Secretary among those calling for PM to veto release

  • Ministers are trying to use emergency powers to ban report
  • Francis Maude and Patrick McLoughlin say it would cause ‘difficulties’
  • HS2 critics say the gagging attempt is ‘absolutely disgraceful’


EXCLUSIVE: France accused of encouraging thousands of migrants to enter Britain illegally

FRANCE last night stood accused of encouraging thousands of ­refugees to attempt to enter ­Britain illegally after a homeless shelter dubbed “Sangatte II” was opened in Calais.


‘Let in more migrants for jobs Britons don’t want,’ says Domino’s Pizza boss

THE boss of Domino’s Pizza yesterday sparked outrage after he called on the Government to relax its immigration rules so he can bring in workers to fill vacancies.


Number of employed people claiming housing benefit soars

ONE working person every five minutes is being forced into claiming Housing Benefit because of soaring rents in London and other areas experiencing economic growth, a report has warned.


Multinationals are wrong about mass immigration

THE attractions of a limitless supply of cheap foreign labour to large businesses are clear.


D’oh! PM tweets pic of reindeer with Little Ant & Dec during Commons Mandela tributes

MYSTERY surrounds why David Cameron tweeted a picture of a reindeer and ‘Little Ant and Dec’ while listening to Labour leader Ed Miliband’s tributes to Nelson Mandela in the Commons today.


The case for (controlled) immigration 

Daniel Hannan


Universal Credit IT system can’t yet cope with couples

Universal Credit IT system cannot yet cope with couples or people with children, officials admit


Locals could force councils to review parking charges by signing a petition

Residents could force councils to review their parking policies if enough people sign a petition, ministers say.


New shale gas drilling areas to be revealed as communities promised £100,000 benefits for fracking

Large swathes of UK to be opened up for shale drilling, with communities where fracking takes place will receive £100,000, even if no gas is produced.

Christopher Howarth: War-gaming the UK’s future relationship with the EU – inside and out


Matthew Elliott: Think-tanks, campaign groups and the coming general election

Eurosceptic: Cameron won’t negotiate real change – so we’re on way out of EU

David Cameron’s refusal to appoint envoy to renegotiate EU membership increases chances of exit, says Douglas Carswell


EU ministers seek progress on banking union; UK manufacturing output rises – business live

LiveEuropean finance ministers will try to reach an agreement on how to wind up failing banks at Ecofin meeting in Brussels


Commons tributes to Nelson Mandela show Parliament at its ‘goodest’ – and its hypocritical, opportunist worst

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