Election after election UKIP’s main aim will be to convince Tory and Labour voters to switch sides and give them their vote. The one and only time this strategy has actually worked was when UKIP won the European Elections. Now Brexit is happening, this strategy is mute.

Attitudes are shifting right across the western world. The people are waking up and realising that voting in large numbers will actually achieve change.

Average voter turnout for the local elections in 2016 was just 33% and yet one month later almost three quarters of the electorate (72.2%) turned out to vote in the Independence referendum. The Scottish independence referendum and 2016 presidential election alsosaw turnouts of 84.6% and 58%, respectively. In other words, the people will turn out for something they believe is important and more notable for UKIP; patriots won all three of these elections.

The people are clearly sympathetic to our cause. UKIP must engage this support in the same way that the Brexit and the Trump campaigns did. As a result, UKIP should turn their attention to voter turnout.

UKIP have a huge support base amongst the working class. Unfortunately for us, our support amongst this group doesn’t turn out to vote to the extent of the liberal middle class or even the tribal Labour voters amongst the working class.

In order to “Get Out The Vote (GOTV)”UKIP must engage the people emotionally. The voters don’t care about boundary changes or combined authorities; they care about the NHS, jobs, security and education. Having publicised polices focused on what the people care about will increase our turnout, especially in local elections.

The best example of this is in Northern Ireland, where the DUP focus on voter turnout in unionist areas. The DUP will aim to register as many voters as possible in their respective areas. They know they will not convert Sinn Fein supporters to their cause or vis versa.They focus on the positives of staying in the union whilst at the same time pointing out the threat of Sinn Fein and their republicanism. This rallying cry gets the masses out.

UKIP need to start identifying areas of Britain as split between patriot and globalist and knock on every patriot’s door with registration forms/iPad’s in hand to get them registered to vote.

The right policies will drive the voters to the ballot box. Let’s push populist policies that the masses will embrace with open arms. For those concerned by this approach,just remember:Populism means “support for the concerns of ordinary people” shouldn’t we be promoting them? During the American presidential elections, Hillary Clinton made the huge mistake of referring to Trump’s supporters as ‘deplorable’. His supporters then used this as a badge of honour. Every post and video, to do with Trump, had comments along the lines of: Deplorable from Florida, Texas, and California.At the moment, the term populist is used as a stick to beat us with. Let’s turn this around in the same way and use it against the establishment. This could be our rallying cry.


The MSM are not friendly and will never be on our side; just look at recent headlines regarding UKIP compared to the positive ones for Labour and the Tories. As a result, we must boycott the mainstream media (MSM) and focus on an online campaign,across social media, in order to get our message out to our faithful voters and our new ones too.

A recent study of 50,000 people by Reuters Institute for Study of Journalism found that television had dropped to second place as young people’s main source of news.

Of the young people surveyed between age of 18 and 24, 28% used social media as their main source of news, whilst 24% used television. In a few years social media will be the main source of news. By having fully engaging posts, images, videos and polls we can engage this audience and get them out in force voting for us.

UKIP must utilise the off season to speak to thousands of people in every constituency. All data must be collected and collated by organised teams who can then find our supporters right across the nation and target them around election time.

Using emotional facts, pushed through social media, to engage the people is the way forward and the days of talking about Brexit, boundary changes and other useless topics need to be put behind us.

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