UK sovereignty, democracy and independence has been abolished and replaced by a token “influence” in an Assembly of 736 MEP’s, worth 9% at best in the European Parliament. The Government of EUParliament, the executive, is the Commission who are unelected and unaccountable.

This is what is required to block EU legislation from the unelected Commission:-

There are 736 MEPs in total. The quorum to make a vote valid is one third of the total, i.e. 245 MEPs. Therefore in an easiest case scenario you would need to convince 123 of them or more that a proposal was fundamentally flawed. However, in reality, more than a third of MEPs usually turn up to the plenary session, so if you wished to err on the side of caution you would probably need to presume that the plenary was in full session and all the MEPs were present. If that were the case, you would need to convince 369 MEPs or more that a proposal should be rejected.” quote source.

It would require pan-European co-operation to form groups in a minimum of 4 Member States.

Most Mep’s are self-serving, unaccountable and anonymous, who readily pass legislation, as their countries are likely net beneficiaries and certainly well remunerated to, keep pushing that “YES” button.

“The (EU)Commission is the executive, it is the government of Europe and it has the sole right to propose legislation. It does so in consultation with 3000 secret committees, staffed mainly by big business and big capital, and all the legislation , is proposed in secret…and once something becomes European law, it is the European Commission themselves that have the sole right to propose, repeal and change that legislation. THE COMMUNITY METHOD (championed by the EU) …”mean by which the European Commission makes law and holds law is actually the very enemy of the concept of democracy itself, because it means that any Member State, there is nothing the electorate can do to change a single piece of European Law” Nigel Farage UKIP leader.

So when politicians talk about “fax democracy*” and “influence” when discussing Norway for example, fax democracy* applies to 100% of the legislation passed onto the UK as well. With EEA membership, Norway chooses the bits to participate in the Internal Market. They adopt almost all EU legislation related to the Single Market, except laws on agriculture and fisheries, but have no MEP’s or Commissioners, so the claim is they have no influence.. Their GREATER “influence” lies in the early stages of formulating EU regulations in the various (70+) international bodies we are excluded from, because of EU membership. The Single Market rules include “free movement of peoples, workers and Capital”. So Not ideal for them either, but a slight improvement, they have their own fishing grounds and agriculture.

Source Dr. Richard North. He advocates a “pro tem” EEA membership as a temporary staging area, because the conditions are similar, without political membership, while bi-lateral trade treaties are agreed at a later date probably 5 years after Brexit.)

In my opinion and many others, we would be better off out, no treaty at all. Completely sovereign and independent from decisions on domestic policy. Trading with Europe, the Commonwealth, Anglosphere, BRICS etc. by companies & corporations adopting whatever regulation are required to trade with them, just as they do anyway else around the world, in the global arena, paying the small amount in tariffs, if there are any, usually set by the World Trade Organisation(WTO). The EU needs us more than we need them. We are their largest export market. And the UK is the 6th largest trading economy, in the world. Trade will continue unabated, despite the scare stories. Most people who have up sticks and moved to neighbouring EU Member States and working, retired etc.,  this includes companies and corporations property rights, etc. will still be protected under the Vienna Convention on treaties . All their rights, liberties and funds will be protected under international law.

Source Article 70b Vienna Convention on Treaties 1969.

“trade with Europe, be friends with Europe, not run by Europe”

yours sincerely

Simon Blanchard


*  the word democracy comes from the Greek words DEMOS and CRACY

Demos =Common people( of the country)and Cracy = rule or power

The EU is a foreign bureaucracy, there is no demos in the EU.

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