All the major UK parties tell the public that outside the EU the UK would have less influence on world affairs, but the opposite is true; why is that?

To answer this question we need to understand a bit more about how the world runs and is organised.

There are a hundred plus world groups that affect our lives every day and in every way.  One of the most influential, the United Nations, united nationshas almost 200 member countries.  Under the auspices of this organisation many other bodies have been formed to help set world standards in virtually every aspect of our lives, such as the International Standards Organisation ISO(ISO), and the UN works with many national bodies such as the BSI and Lloyds in the UK to set quality standards for the world in manufacturing, safety, farming, the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, industrial chemicals etc.

An official from one of the member countries is appointed to take the chair at international meetings at which recommendations are made.  These recommendations can then be incorporated into national standards, either as guidelines or laws.

This is how many of the rules and regulations come into being within the E.U. which often ‘gold plates’ them.  Such treatment was meted out to more than 1300 regulations during 2013 and to no less than 1500 in 2014.  In other words, far from being a major influence in the world, the EU just follows on and embellishes what these world organisations decide.

Of course the EU (population 500million, 7% of the world’s population) does have a place at these forums but crucially, the EU represents and speaks for 28 countries but it has only one vote.

Another example: Norway (population five million) is a small, but wealthy country in the world and has democratically chosen not to join the EU.  It is one of the world’s top fishing nations and has been chosen to chair world trade standards on fishing.  Meetings are held in Oslo.

As well as holding the chair and playing a major part in setting agendas, it has just one vote when standards are set, the same as the EU has just one vote.  So anyone who thinks that the EU strengthens the UK’s role in the world (population 64 million, about 1% of the world population), you should think again!

In spite of being the second biggest paymaster in the EU, when it comes to a vote, our influence is no more than that of Malta (population 0.43 million).  Outside the EU, Britain would have far, far more influence at these multi nation forums, will chair many of them and will play a major part in setting agendas. From outside the EU we will be able to influence the EU far more than we have been able to from within the EU.

Prior to joining the EU Britain punched well above its weight and outside the shackles of the EU we will do so again!

Britain has the fifth biggest economy and the fifth biggest armed forces in the world and is one of only five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.  It has the fastest growing economy in Europe and one of the fastest in the western world.  Free from the dead hand of the E.U, its undemocratic intuitions, its bureaucracy, mediocrity, and corruption we could once again get back our freedom, democracy, free speech and prosperity; and outside the E.U. once again we can be a major world influence.

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