But UKIP bosses love the uncritical, easy applause…​​

In Shakespeare’s time, theatre was ​a good way to communicate with the ​​masses​. Then came newspapers, then ​​film and ​later, ​television, which changed the world​. The ​big revolution ​over the last decade, ​video on the internet, has​ been ​stunning. But UKIP’s management haven’t even noticed.

​Mass communication​ ​via online video is the campaigning politician’s dream. It​’s free and ​hugely​ persuasive to audiences of millions but UKIP​ bosses still prefer​ to ‘speak’ to the membership with a laughably inefficient travelling circus of ​conferences, with the same people preaching to the same audience.

​​Why ​do UKIP bosses like conferences? Simple. They are ​easy applause from ​an uncritical audience. For wannabe Farages​,​​​ it’s ​ten ​minutes of fame​ and self importance. And UKIP members are too polite to ever shout ‘rubbish’.​ ​Conferences might have a purpose if they were intelligently staged, properly filmed, properly edited and properly broadcast but UKIP bosses have never mastered this and anyway, a video of a fifteen minute speech is incredibly dull. We can see this in the grim viewing numbers when speeches are ​put on youtube​ – not only are the numbers of ‘views’ pathetic but few people ever watch them to the end.

​​All the money, sweat, time and organisation of conferences should be directed into professionally composed mini-broadcasts, pushed out on a proper UKIP broadcast channel and advertised energetically ​via ​the many platforms at our disposal; we could reach millions, plenty of other people have​ mastered this.​

​I’ve had numerous very revealing emails from our MEPs following my post on UKIP Daily last week (here) about their rubbish output since the referendum. They just don’t get it, that giving members regular updates on what’s happening in politics by email or video is easy and costs nothing. It just takes a bit of gumption and imagination. Being ‘busy’ in Brussels seems to have sucked all the life out of them. A lot of us predicted this would happen.

UKIP output ​since the referendum has been ​dismal. Into this vacuum have rushed countless treacherous, anti-British, pro-Brussels forces​, from Minor to Major (Minor Fart, anagram, Tim Farron). Laughing all the way to the bank is George Osborne, ​newly appointed​ Editor​ of The London Evening Standard. He will use this​ free million-​a-day newspaper​ to undermine Theresa May, ​torpedo Brexit, ​subvert the Tory Party and pay homage to ​the ​pro-immigration globalists he ​touches his toes for. ​And what will UKIP do? Organise another silly conference to talk about it​, ​like in the committee scene from ​​Monty Python’s Life of Brian.​

Sadly it’s all over Guido that UKIP bosses want candidates to shut their social media accounts – this seems the reverse of what we should be doing. The right thing would be for UKIP MEPs and Spokesmen to be feeding candidates and members with juicy revelations to broadcast all over social media! Where’s the ammunition been since the referendum? I thought that when we had a rash of MEPs elected in 2014 that we’d have twenty or more Dan Hannan’s coming up with shocking stories of fraud and waste inside Brussels, something to get our teeth into. But instead, UKIP became the scandals. The amount of useful information we received would fit on a postage stamp.

Soon Theresa May will trigger Article 50. It would be big news if all of our MEPs walked out of Brussels en masse, saying ‘Article 50 has been triggered, we’re not staying in this corrupt, stifling, edifice for one more day, it is a fraud on the people of Europe’. But they won’t will they? I’m starting to think they’re hooked on the money and have no plans for their future employment.

If I sound a bit angry I’ll tell you why: millions of people have given UKIP their votes, their cash, their trust, their hope that UKIP would fight ​for Britain and common sense but since last June, UKIP has resembled Dad’s Army​, ​without ​any of ​the laughs.

Where has been the fighting talk from the UKIP ‘leadership’​,​ demolishing the lies of Blair, Branson, Soubry and all the other appalling bad losers who should be shamed out of politics for attempting to overturn the referendum? ​Where has been the full frontal attack on shocking BBC bias in politics which is poisoning opinion on key issues?

When will UKIP get themselves organised?

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