Since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, UKIP has been through some upheavals. Many of these problems started when Nigel Farage resigned.

Nigel was an amazing leader, almost a one man band that dragged everybody else along in his wake. It is important though to recognise the enormous amount of work that other UKIPers and its grass roots put into winning the referendum.

Nigel Farage certainly led from the front and jumped down the enemies throat, great fun to watch, and an almost unique character he has too. It would be hard to define Nigel’s leadership style of which there are many. I’ll leave a link to an interesting summary of different styles here

I’ll leave you all to decide what type of leader Nigel Farage was and also what type of leader Gerard Batten is now. I think it would be fair to say that Gerard has a very different style to Nigel. Perhaps Gerard is a more Democratic or Affiliative leader and there is nothing wrong with this.

Such leaders utilise the input from their colleagues and team members a lot more and UKIP, as I’ve seen here on UKIP Daily, has many members with some very strong arguments and ideas.

I mention all of this because, as we come to the end of the Article 50 negotiating period, I think we have a serious problem. Right now this problem needs to be addressed. It’ll require determination and teamwork.

As we’ve read in the papers recently, the remainers, probably led by Tony Blair, are planning a final desperate campaign to keep us in the European Union. There are many Internet and newspaper articles about this and I’m sure most of you are aware. see for example here.Since Tony Blair formed his ‘Ministry of Truth’ to combat what has patronisingly become known as  Populism, it has been reported that he and his organisation are waiting for an economic downturn for an opportunity to blame Brexit.

When you think about it, with Brexit negotiations supposedly to be finalised later this year, an event that nearly coincides with the US mid-term elections, such an economic downturn would play nicely into the hands of the globalists, Liberal/Lefties and remainers. If I were cynical, I could almost imagine that such a convenient economic event had been carefully choreographed.

Now the Mainstream Media is starting to propagate a steadily increasing stream of bad economic news. Here’s a recent article in the Telegraph by Jeremy Warner:

“Watch out for a Lehman-like moment as Italy’s populists threaten to unbalance the euro”

It seems to me that the propaganda has already started. In such a highly indebted world, interest rates are rising. This has already cased huge problems in the emerging markets and it is spreading.  Jerome Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve  (USA) is making some very hawkish statements and it seems the rate hikes will continue.

In truth, there are so many Black Swans circling overhead that it’s impossible to see which one will fall first and for the purposes of this article it doesn’t matter.

You can imagine the narrative from from the likes of Blair and his globalist masters when we hit economic problems: it’ll all be the fault of Donald Trump and Brexit and it seems likely that it’ll all happen as Brexit negotiations are finalised and The Donald is fighting the mid-term elections.

There is nothing like financial insecurity to scare the populace and I’m very sure Blair and his gang of anti-democratic villains have prepared a very detailed and scathing narrative to scare the people into reneging on Brexit.

As I’ve said before, the only viable voice that the native, indigenous, patriotic Brits have is UKIP and UKIP must prepare for the coming onslaught of false propaganda, a narrative that will consist of lies and untruths but will sow doubt into the minds of very worried people.

If ever UKIP were needed it is now. Gerard Batten will need all the help and support he can get, teamwork is required. We’ll be needing the very able people within UKIP, the Veterans Against Terrorism, the Football Lads Association, the alternative media, PJW and friends and any of the other patriotic parties that will lend a hand.

There will be time after Brexit to settle any differences that we have with other parties. All that matters now is getting our country back. That Blair and his cohorts have a very detailed and ruthless plan of attack, of that I have no doubt.

The coming propaganda war is one that we can’t afford to lose at any cost. We need to start making a lot of noise, we can’t allow Blair’s deceptive and misleading narrative to prevail.

It’s no use blaming Gerard Batten if we lose this battle. Sometimes it’s necessary for us grassroots to take the initiative and all of UKIP’s work to date will be wasted if we don’t. The summer months leading into autumn will be critical. There is no time to lose and, I’m sure, Tony Blair hasn’t been idle.


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