The majority of sensible people following the pre-election news and polling statistics must at least be worried, if not downright afraid.  Various diseases seem to have infected the body politic of this country. The latest television debate saw Gang Green and jaundice offering to get cosy with scarlet fever.

Totalitarian viruses, whose mindsets only function in a narrow range of thoughts and ideals, have been allowed to propagate in this country. The consequence of these infections is that democratic debate and free speech are now dying art forms; stray from those officially approved constructs and the abuse, intimidation and ostracising will quickly follow. When orthodoxy is questioned, the left-wing’s reactions are now spat out with blind emotion rather than delivered with reasoned discourse.  However, a cure is at hand.

Luckily, one party and its leadership have the intestinal fortitude to take on the stale, timid Establishment and defy its stultifying, cowardly mediocrity. If the good folk of these islands can hold their nerve and make a bold decision when they vote on 7th May, all need not be lost. Thank heavens for UKIP.

I was filled with pride and optimism as I watched and listened to the UKIP manifesto launch. It was packed full of common-sense, dynamic, practical, well-thought-out policies that put the other parties’ offerings in the shade. It is a gem and, try as I might, I found nothing to merit my disfavour. Thank heavens for UKIP.

Recent batches of assembly-line establishment politicians have undemocratically decided that this once extraordinary little country should now only be an ever more integrated component of an amorphous, centralised, bureaucratic, self-obsessed, arthritic organisation called the European Union. That organisation’s appetite for meddling and hunger for conformity is boundless, but one party thinks this country is wholly capable of knowing its own mind and running its own affairs. Thank heavens for UKIP.

It is a pity that the demands of war can bring out the best in us and perverse that we rarely progress quicker than when we seek the means to defeat a mortal enemy. We do so in order to survive, but modern politicians have adopted the ostrich principle when considering the increasing litany of threats that have built up and now pose a very real danger. Rarely has the world been in such turmoil, some of it of our own making, and it may be that the combination of apparently unconnected issues collude to create a major peril. We cannot afford to insulate ourselves from, even ignore, danger and challenge. But how are we currently facing these threats? How else but by running down our armed forces and treating our ex-service folk with disdain while spending piles of borrowed money on frequently corrupt and undeserving causes. One party has a different approach, which makes our country’s security a priority and wants our charity put to better use. Thank heavens for UKIP.

On immigration, the other parties’ offers range from token (but almost certainly unattainable) restrictions to come-one-come-all inaction. One party offers a contrasting, defined, workable policy that seeks to control the quantity and quality of those who come to these shores. Thank heavens for UKIP.

The Establishment parties exhibit weakness, dithering and cowardice. Their obsession with political correctness and equality has given rise to our fragmented society and created multiple notions of victimhood, largely imagined and unfounded. What a sorry state of affairs.

The UKIP manifesto is well-crafted and combines a portion of bigger objectives with a plethora of practical, relevant ideas to help British people across a wide range of issues. Hope and progress – we certainly need big helpings of both. Thank heavens for UKIP.

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