The whole UKIP Daily Team will be at Conference tomorrow, Friday 21st September and Saturday 22nd September  – but don’t worry, there will still be articles and the News Review every day! You only need to be a bit patient in regard to the comments moderation – we’ll do this as and when we can.


As some of you already know – UKIP Daily has a stand in the exhibition space, together with our colleagues from Kipper Central. This is where you can find us, easily. We look forward to meeting you ‘for real’ and to have a chat or just shake hands.


Here comes  a challenge to all of you, regardless of your attending Conference or not:





We need you to write articles for UKIP Daily, we need you to write letters – and we hope that some of you will dare and take the plunge of getting involved even more!

UKIP Daily has grown in the last year – there are more and more of you who engage in the comments. Thank you – this is what UKIP Daily is about: to have the grassroots – that’s YOU! – engage in debate.

That means more work for us editors – so here’s our call to arms: please consider becoming an editor for UKIP Daily! The more of you there are the better the workload can be spread and the debates can proceed at pace. You’ll be given training – but there’s no pay, sorry! It’s volunteers all round, in good old UKIP tradition.


I’ll be back online once I’ve arrived in the hotel this afternoon and shall report from Conference tomorrow and Saturday. Perhaps one or another of you who attend might like to send in their observations to the usual address . We can publish your contributions as they come in.

Below is a sneak preview of the proceedings on Friday and Saturday:




10am Welcome Speech Hall 1 Paul Williams + Keith Rowe – Welcome to Birmingham
10.15 Speaker Hall 1 Tony McIntyre – Chairman – Policy Survey
10.30 Speaker Hall 1 Sebastian Fairweather – Treasurer
10.45am Speaker Hall 1 Neil Hamilton – A world gone mad!
11.15 5 minute call ICC Sound
11.20 Speaker Hall 1 Angus Dalgleish – NHS
11.35 Speaker Paul Oakley – Immigration
11.55pm Leaders Speech Hall 1 GERARD BATTEN – Leaders speech
12.30pm LUNCH Hall 7 NEC / RO’s
1.25pm 5 minute call ICC Sound
1.30pm Speaker Hall 1 Sargon of Akkad – video address
1.40pm Speaker Hall 1 Count Dankula – Freedom of speech
2pm Speaker Hall 1 David Fraser – Law and Order
2.15pm Speaker Hall 1 Mike Hookem – Defence
2.45pm 5 Minute call ICC Sound
2.50pm Speaker Hall 1 Mike Hookem – Fisheries
3.00pm Speaker Hall 1 Alan Craig – Children and Families
3.15pm Speaker Hall 1 Margot Parker – Women and Equalities
3.30pm Speaker Hall 1 Ernie Warrender – Small Business
3.45 Speaker Hall 1 Alan Graves – Derby Councillor
4.00 Speaker Hall 1 John Harvey – General Election




10.40 Speaker – Medals Hall 1 Tony McIntrye, Capt. Harper
11am BREAK 20 MINS
11.15 5 minute call ICC Sound
11.20 Speaker Hall 1 Darren Hughes – Proportional representation
11.35 Speaker Hall 1 Lord Pearson – Video BBC/Islam
11.45 Speaker Hall 1 TBD
11.55 Speaker Hall 1 Chris Mills – Driverless Cars
12.05 Speaker Hall 1 Tim Congdon – International Trade
12.25 Speaker Hall 1 David Kurten – Education
12.35 LUNCH
1.25 5 minute call
1.30pm Speaker Hall 1 England/N. Ireland/Scotland/Wales Whittle, Hill, Coburn, Bennett
2.30pm Speaker Hall 1 Jill Seymour – Transport
2.45pm Speaker Hall 1 Jonathan Bullock – Energy
3pm Speaker Hall 1 Professor Stephen Bush – Industry Regeneration
3.30pm 5 minute call ICC Sound
3.35pm Speaker Hall 1 Paula Walters – Animal Welfare
3.45pm Speaker Hall 1 Stuart Agnew – Agriculture
4pm Speaker Catherine Blaiklock – The Euro
4.15pm Speaker Sharon Binks – Justice for women
4.30pm Speaker Hall 1 *MOTIONS*
4.50pm Day 1 Closing Speech Hall 1 Tony McIntyre  – Land of Hope and Glory/ National Anthem





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