Donna Edmunds had the idea for a UKIP equivalent to “Conservative Home” nearly a year ago now, and has built up a strong following of authors and readers since then, with the help of her Deputy Editor and Duty Editors.

Now, she is moving onto pastures new as European Editor for Breitbart, the online newspaper that most UKIP supporters and members will be well aware of. We’d like to thank Donna for her superb contribution in creating the site, assembling a team around her, and promoting the site to be what it is today.

Brian Otridge, as Deputy Editor, is stepping up to be Editor-in-Chief, supported by his 5 Duty Editors, all unpaid volunteers, who take turns on different days of the week to keep the site “burning and turning”. There are not going to be any radical changes, there will be the same eclectic mix of UKIP-friendly articles and news items, some challenging conventional viewpoints, some providing ammunition for the UKIP cause, and others just plain entertaining.

Anyone who fancies seeing their work in print is welcome to submit articles, albeit we reserve the right to refuse publication or edit them. Just email your submission to If you want to mail the Editor-in-Chief in person, please mail



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