In the wake of the UKIP counter demo in Gloucester – see the report here – Richard Ford, UKIP PPC for Gloucester, see the following press release:




UKIP’s Parliamentary Candidate for Gloucester has demanded that all LibDem Councillors at Shire Hall resign and offer themselves for re-election.

This is hot on the heels of Wednesday’s failed attempt by LibDem Councillors to get Gloucestershire County Council to pass a motion calling for a so called People’s Vote, or second Referendum on the vote to Leave in the 2016 EU Referendum.

Richard Ford, who has been adopted by UKIP to fight the Gloucester Parliamentary seat at the next General Election, said:


“The principal argument of Gloucestershire Lib Dems in calling for a so called People’s Vote, or in plain English a second EU Referendum, is that democracy is a moveable feast and that people have the right to change their minds. This is despite the fact that a majority of nearly 60% of the people in Gloucester and 52% of the people in the UK voted to Leave the EU just over two years ago.

It’s also despite the fact that the vote to Leave was the biggest electoral mandate ever in British history, with a turnout substantially higher than that in any Local Government Election, or indeed any General Election.

The Liberal Democrats were claiming that there should be a second vote very soon after the 2016 Referendum, and certainly within as little as a year of the Referendum result being declared.

That being the case it seems only right and proper that LibDem Councillors at Shire Hall should apply their own rules and logic to themselves. They were elected just less than 18 months ago  with majorities and turnouts which are derisory when compared with those obtaining in the EU Referendum 2016. Surely the LibDems do not want to “pick and choose” to their own personal advantage, or tarnish their democratic credentials in any way, and so therefore I look forward to hearing that they have resigned and are once more subjecting themselves to the scrutiny of the electorate, in accordance with their loudly proclaimed principles.

However I am not holding my breath.”

Please also watch this video to see the background for the above press release by Richard Ford. The video was produced for UKIP Gloucester by Brian Cooke who gave us permission to publish it here:

UKIPs Counterprotest at LibDem REMAINER Peoples’ Vote Demo Gloucester 2018


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