UKIP has increasingly convinced the electorate that it is a serious party, whose members are responsible, patriotic people, not a mob of hysterical extremists. Our enemies have done their best to smear us with the accusation of racism, but fewer and fewer people now believe them. Nevertheless our enemies are still there and we must still take care not to provide them with any ammunition which they can subsequently use against us.

Islam is one of the great religions of mankind.  When the Koran was written, it went through a phase of active and warlike expansion.  Since then it has become much more peaceful. Islam has not threatened Europe for five hundred years.  Muslim numbers are currently growing, but simply because Muslims have big families.  We Westerners, who used to call ourselves Christians, are declining in numbers in many countries because we are not having enough children.  But although our actual numbers are declining, our Western culture has increasingly taken over the whole world.  In every country, people whose ancestors belonged to many different cultures are now wearing Western clothes, eating Western food, watching and listening to Western media, using Western technology in their daily lives and following, with varied success, Western systems of government.

Wherever our Western ways of life come into daily contact with non-Western ways, Western ways are winning.  In the last fifty years, Britain has successfully assimilated large numbers of people from very different cultures.  It takes time, but in every case, they have abandoned or are gradually abandoning their old ways of life and adopting ours.   [envoke_twitter_link]Islam is a strong and resilient faith and its adherents stick together.[/envoke_twitter_link] But the people of Islamic origin that we see in Britain now are very different from their parents or grandparents who immigrated in the last century.   This applies particularly  to the women and young girls, who are increasingly liberated.  Their traditional faith is giving way to our secular values.

It seems probable that mosque attendance is declining.  But oil has brought vast wealth to the traditionalist Muslims of Saudi Arabia, who spend some of their wealth on the promotion of Islam.  They provide at least some if not all of the funds to build mosques in Britain.   The new mosques which have gone up all over our cities are a visible reminder of the Muslim presence in Britain. But they represent oil money rather than a truly growing faith.

Oil has also led to turmoil in the homelands of Islam.  The governments of Iraq and Libya have been overturned, with great loss of life. In both countries, there is now chaos. Inevitably, there is some sympathy among British Muslims with the plight of their co-religionists.  Young men of all social groups often seek adventure and some young Muslims are volunteering to fight with their “Muslim brothers”.  There have been police estimates that 1500 or more have gone to join ISIS. But we should put this number into perspective.  There are around three million Muslims in Britain, of whom perhaps 300,000 are young men of military age. So it’s unlikely that as many as 1% of our young Muslim men have gone to join ISIS.

From time to time, acts of terrorism occur which are immediately blamed (rightly or perhaps sometimes wrongly) on Muslims.   But before we become too angry, we must first mentally compare the number of terrorist victims with the far greater number of victims of recent Western attacks on Muslim countries, including but not confined to the Iraq War.  And secondly, we must direct our anger not against Muslims as Muslims, but against the individual criminals who carried out the acts of terrorism or organised them behind the scenes.

When we come to events in Rotherham, there is indeed great reason for concern. The facts, as revealed by Alexis Jay’s report ( are unbelievably horrifying. Very serious crimes appear to have been committed.  Long periods of imprisonment would be in order. Many if not most of the criminals involved appear to have been of Muslim origin.

But If anything could be more appalling that what happened, it is the fact that both social services and the police were aware of what was happening – and almost nothing has been done.  Personnel in social services and the police in Rotherham (and it appears in other places) who have allowed these crimes to continue are not in most cases Muslims.  They are British people whose responsibility it was to uphold the law and take care of vulnerable children, but who failed to do so.  They failed the people of Rotherham – not only the non-Muslim people but the Muslim people, amongst whom criminals were allowed to flourish and grow rich, corrupting and almost certainly intimidating their Muslim neighbours.

[envoke_twitter_link]We in UKIP are engaged in a crusade against crime and corruption in Rotherham[/envoke_twitter_link] and elsewhere and against the false values which provided the authorities there with excuses for taking no action.  We must concentrate our anger against these real evils, not against  Islam.

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