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A much more significant debate, one where right and logic are very clearly on our side, relates to the Shariafication of Britain. This is via the Womb, the Entry Permit and the Minbar (mosque pulpit).

Inter alia, I’m a mathematician with a love for statistics, and demographic projections are often challenging. It is my opinion that there are seven factors making the Shariafication of our country a colossal issue:

(1) Significant differentials in birth rates reported by the Office for National Statistics between Muslims and others; Total Fertility Rates for women in Britain, while at about 1.7 for (self-classified) White British, and at about 1.9 – 2.1 for Hindu/Chinese/Buddhist/Sikh communities, are 3.9 for Bangladeshi Muslims, 4.7 for Pakistani Muslims and apparently (source uncertain, as I can’t find an official reference at short notice) 5+ for Somalian Muslims.

(2) Refugees are disproportionately Muslim – this is a matter of record.

(3) “”Refugees”” (spot the difference?) are also disproportionately Muslim – this is a matter of record.

(4) Emigrants are disproportionately non-Muslim – this too is a matter of record.

(5) Net conversion rate is in the favour of Islam, via Dawah – this is also supported by the evidence.

(6) Illegal immigrants (including overstayers) may be disproportionately Muslim, but such is the nature of systems in place (or, more accurately, the lack of them) that there is insufficient validated data on this. It is mainly conjectural and observation-based.

(7) Older Muslims, especially those who are first generation immigrants, are shown by many surveys to be more critical of, and sceptical about, the Sharia than are younger ones, especially those born here.

The older ones – men – may apply Sharia in their personal lives but often don’t want it as the law of Britain. The young, by majority, look favourably on the Sharia, perhaps even to become the law of the land for everyone! Scary. These young folk don’t seem to grasp that many of the freedoms they enjoy under our permissive, inclusive culture (smoking pot comes to mind) would evaporate under the Sharia…

There’s “getting stoned” – and there’s “getting stoned”!

… and the young are the future.

I have always lived in societies (across three continents) where there is freedom of thought, expression, speech, worship/non-worship, with equal rights for the sexes, no discrimination based on sexual orientation etc., and the right to dissent. I’m happy to live in countries with secular or Judeo-Christian values. Tolerance is key – but as with all things, there are limits, and when one tolerates those who are themselves hugely intolerant, one becomes complicit in the intolerance.

Sharia, therefore, even if it comes via the ballot box as suggested by (1)-(7) above, fills me with dread, even if it is only partly implemented.  Also, I can’t fly unaided (a relevant consideration for an agnostic/atheist living under strict Sharia).

Note that Sharia isn’t fully implemented anywhere, including Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, where there is civil law too.  As to Daesh (ISIS), they use the bits they want, and tack on their own stuff (beheadings, burning alive etc) for their own monstrous ends.

As a (neighbouring) Parliamentary candidate for UKIP in 2014-15, I took on hostile hustings in Walthamstow mosques, run by organisations like MEND (specifically by the real charmer found in this link), with CAGE (apologists, if not more, for Jihadi John, and as the link above shows, not unrelated to MEND) perhaps visible in the shadows.

I pressured the lower-level organisers, who had banned UKIP from attending (“no space”) – and they relented only when they realised I would not only complain to the Electoral Commission and force them to register and file expense returns for closing their hustings to us, but furthermore I would have stood outside protesting, in as fluent Urdu as I could muster, my unjust and unfair exclusion to all entering, bearing a poster with scriptural references from the Q’ran showing that “fair dealing” by them was mandated by Allah.  You can well imagine how that went down…

Additionally, if and when we are seen as attacking most British Muslims for things they aren’t guilty of, we increase alienation.  Let’s take FGM (I hate calling it circumcision, which masks the brutal nature of this crime against helpless young girls), for example. Please read this!

FGM is pre-Islamic and is of African (where, exceptionally, in several countries like Niger and Nigeria, it is mainly Christians who practice it) and Middle-Eastern origin. There is no Q’ranic requirement for it at all, and no mention other than in a couple of ambiguous hadiths. At most, it fits with certain “control the female” attributes associated with backward sections of Islamic communities.

Most British Muslims are from south Asia; what is now three countries after Partition and the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war which gave birth to Bangladesh.

FGM is unknown throughout these except among at most 25% of the Dawoodi Bohra community, who themselves represent 0.02% of India’s Muslim community, which is itself about 15% of India’s population.

Talk to the average British Asian Muslim about FGM and he or she will almost certainly express the same extreme abhorrence of it as you do, and will be as critical of traditional Somalian (Muslim) and other African practice of it as you are.

Attack or criticise him or her about FGM, and you will understandably be viewed as spectacularly ill-informed – and it may facilitate all your justifiable criticisms being swept aside by the hostile media, with the focus on the (one) thing you happened to get totally wrong. It is standard technique used (if not by fine upstanding folk like kippers, who wouldn’t stoop to such stuff) when discrediting the enemy…

So, keyboard warriors, please do consider all these things before dismissing me too as an “Appeaser” or “Coward”… and it is I who declare to you that this War on Islam, as it will be perceived, while a predictable outcome of the most recent attack, is ill-conceived and will not yield the fruit that you want.  I’m every bit as upset as you about what’s happening in, and to, our country, but I wish to be effective, not angry. I want to achieve something, not self-indulgently feel good about venting. There’s a huge difference.

Reacting that way is what the appalling perpetrators and their mentors want us to do.

An international movement to stamp out Radical i.e. Extremist Islam, in stark contrast, is long overdue. How exactly is this to be accomplished is a very good question. That should be the debate. Education plays a role in it, but that’s longer-term. Because the need is urgent, changes have to be nearly immediate – including in Britain. Control over immigration needs to be NOW, as do expulsions of enemies of our civilisation. If Frau Merkel’s apologist, guilt-ridden Deutschland can deport German-born people how can we not find a way?

Note I’m not confusing “UK born” with “UK citizens”; we can’t deport the latter, among whom the latest cowardly murderer numbered before he was happily “despatched”, without major changes to international law. But we can prosecute, convict and lock up these enemies of mankind for most of the rest of their lives.

By conflating the two, Islam and Radical Islam, however sincerely, we are depriving ourselves of the best possible allies in this – the majority of educated Muslims, reasonable people who don’t really, truly want to live under a crackpot, shambolic, contradictory, often barbaric system (which isn’t actually consistently enforced anywhere in the world, probably because it simply cannot be) which will rob them of freedoms they seek, or want to continue enjoying.

Many Muslims are only too aware of problems within Islam. They do not speak out their thoughts for fear of being criticised by co-religionists and peer groups, shunned, classified as an apostate, potentially with horrific consequences, or other sanctions. I know of a large number of Muslims who fall into this category.

At one of Nigel’s events at the Emmanuel Centre I’d co-organised, Islam TV asked me why should any Muslim want to support UKIP. My instant reply was:

“For the same reason that any sensible non-Muslim would want to support UKIP. That is, they want their families to lead happy, safe, prosperous and fulfilled lives. Why do you ask me such an obviously stupid question? Do you think Muslims have different needs from the rest? Are you racist?”

This left the bearded presenter visibly reeling – and the cameraman laughing his head off.

Of course, iTV didn’t use the footage, which perhaps didn’t fit in with the agenda. Rather like all the crushing blows I’ve delivered to the BBC and other organs of the corrupt MSM, they almost all end up on the cutting-room floor.

Right then, more than ’nuff said by me, as usual. I apologise for any unnecessary offence given.

Go on, tell me I’m a “liberal”, a fool, gullible (did you know there’s no such word as “gullible” in real dictionaries? Look it up.) or worse, one duped by taqiya or whatever. Plenty of space for that below.

Meanwhile, since atheist-temple building in Jeddah is still off the agenda, as is calling in on UKIP’s MP until we get the New Batch, I’m off to do some therapeutic leafleting. In Walthamstow, with a few from my branch if I can rouse them from spring-cleaning activities …


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