We reproduce this letter sent out earlier today because many members won’t have received it.

It provides the link to the UKIP Facebook site where the live stream can be watched.

We will add our comment once the event has finished:


See Henry Bolton launch UKIP’s ‘Save our Services’ campaign today at 10.30am.

Don’t forget you can watch UKIP Leader Henry Bolton launch the Party’s ‘Save Our Services’ campaign live on our Facebook video stream from 10.30 am today.

Just click here to view.

Feel free to share the link https://www.facebook.com/UKIP/ among your family and friends.


As always, a shaky start with the video live stream, but it’s working now. First up is Mike Hookem, with a brief video on Veterans.

UKIP, he says, demands a dedicated Veterans’ department.

Great applause for Mike as he finishes.

Henry up next.

Hear-hears and applause.

‘Treason act should be taken out of the public order act – returning jihadis should be prosecuted – no housing for them.”

[Interesting to read the streaming comments accompanying the video. it seems that for some, no-one but Nigel will do, no matter what …]

Henry is laying into the EU, especially their claim that the EU (and not NATO) kept peace in Europe. He gets applause and ‘hear-hears’.

This segment of his speech on PESCO is hugely important.

[Some of the live-stream comments are hilarious. One person says henry should take off his jacket, roll up his sleeves, loosen his tie and go interact with the audience. Oh dear: this is a presentation, not a rally for an election. Life is difficult when wearing blinkers …]

“UKIP opposes any subordination of our defence to the EU.” – Applause and hear-hears.

“UKIP will stop the recruitment stop to police recruitment, and demands that the Secret Service budget be taken out of the police budget”.


Henry then talks about the Border force and says that the Government has no strategy to defend our borders after Brexit.

“UKIP pledges to save our services and protect our protectors through Brexit and Beyond”

Applause – and onto Q & A

[The commenters on the accompanying live stream on Facebook have silenced the croakers and are fully supportive of Henry: quite interesting!]

Fast-flowing Q & A covering many points. My impression is that Henry, speaking freely, actually shines and is very convincing. The live stream comments support this.

The event is now coming to an end – I hope you managed to watch or watch the replay, and look froward to your comments.


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