We are told we are going to get our manifesto by installments but as yet we don’t know when the complete package will be ready. Hopefully it will not be too long in coming. Party members have not been asked to contribute but I think we should make our thoughts known on what we believe are significant matters, so here goes.


Part One of this article focused on economic policy suggestions to address the parlous state of our national finances.


Policies for our social environment

Multi-culturalism is a busted flush. It does not work. We have not even achieved it with the English, the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish yet! It is too much to expect communities to integrate fully and they don’t. If we wish to preserve our historical Christian-influenced culture then specific steps must be taken to ensure we do not dilute it by allowing other cultures’ practices to overthrow our own.
We all want social harmony and social cohesion but people of other cultures must accept that the price of living here is that they accept our culture and do not expect us to change to theirs. We should not countenance restrictions on nativity plays or public Christian festival activities and indeed encouragement of these should be reintroduced.
The most significant culture that tries to change our own is that of Islam. That after all is a tenet of Islamic faith. Inevitably, therefore, policies must be directed towards their community. That is not the same as being anti that community. If they have arrived as legal immigrants then we must relate to them in that light but require them to respect and conform to our culture and laws just as we would have to do if we had emigrated to their country of origin.

  • Policies already announced such as not allowing the burka and niqab and compulsory FGM examination are sensible. In addition there should be automatic parental responsibility and legal liability if FGM is discovered
  • Banning of Halal slaughter
  • Banning forced segregation of male and female in public areas and institutions, e.g. Universities and Schools
  • Banning the marriage of first cousins, a point made strongly by Baroness Flather
  • Banning of Sharia law (unless this relates to some aspect of private Islamic religious personal prayer service at home or in the Mosque).


More broadly:

  • Repeal the Human Rights Act and withdrawing from related international conventions and agreements and replace these with a UK Citizens’ Responsibility Act with rights dependent on the performance of responsibilities
  • Reduce immigration to levels that represent the importing only of skills we need and are short of and attach work permits only to specific employers and employment
  • Asylum seekers do not get UK passports and citizenship but a temporary leave to remain document until their own country is deemed safe for them to return to and to which they will then be returned unless their skills are required in the UK because we are short of them. If they marry and produce a family in the UK then the family gets no better rights to UK citizenship and they must all go to the country of origin of the asylum seeker. A UK citizen spouse may choose to remain in the UK.
  • No amnesties for illegal immigrants who will always be deported if discovered


Reducing the disruptive power of Unions

  • Unions have had their day in their present form. Unions should not be entitled to have member contributions deducted from wages and paid over by the employer. This must be a matter between the Union and each employee.
  • Strike provisions to be tightened to eliminate worker strikes in all but the most extreme circumstances and very high levels of employee vote, must include consideration for the likely proportionate negative economic and social effects on the population at large



And finally, on broader economic policy areas

  • Ensure we have no undue reliance on foreign supply of critical resources
  • Be independent in energy by fracking and a web of small nuclear facilities across the country
  • Reestablish our Royal Ordinance factory capability for conventional munitions instead of relying on overseas purchase
  • Preserve critical industries such as steel production, ship building and particularly naval facilities
  • Introduce a national interest test for foreign take over of UK businesses and disallow purchase by any non capitalist economy countries and particularly any communist country where in effect our industry would become nationalised by a foreign government
  • Sign up free trade agreements only with countries whose economies and social policies are broadly equivalent to our own so that our industry is not closed down as a result of practices by other countries that make it impossible for us to compete with them on any terms. By way of example, the cost of environmental compliance in the UK is large but the foreign country has no such laws and therefore has an unjust competitive advantage against our own industry. Alternatively any imports from such countries will be charged import duties equivalent to the assessed cost burden that would apply if they conform to our laws and regulations.

Well, that has got a lot of my chest. What do you say?

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