As in 2016, UKIP Daily  has again offered all Leadership contestants this space to publish their statements, their visions, their programmes, for members to read and scrutinise. David Kurten AM has taken up our offer and sent us his statement:

My Vision for UKIP and the United Kingdom, by David Kurten AM

I am pleased to announce that I will be standing to be the Leader of UKIP.

It was with immense pride that I stood alongside many tens of thousands of members and supporters of the party in campaigning for and winning the referendum to leave the EU last year. UKIP has changed the course of history not just in this country, but the world as well.

After the triumph of winning the referendum, we must stay strong to see it through and ensure that Brexit happens. That means that we fully leave the EU, the single market and the customs union and regain control of our borders and fishing waters.

Yet like all political parties, UKIP must adapt to the new era. As well as the EU, there are two other great threats to Britain: political correctness, or Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism to give it its real name, and militant, radical Islamism which views all Islamic writings as being literally true in all times and all places – not just 7th century Arabia, but 21st century Britain as well. UKIP must continue to fight these two destructive forces or our exit from the EU will be meaningless.

Yet we must also begin to define ourselves not just in terms of what we are against, but what we are for. We must stand up for the freedoms and customs which make our country and civilization great and prosperous: democracy, common law, freedom of speech and thought, a respect for reason, the pursuit of excellence and support for the fundamental institutions of marriage and the family.

As an ex-teacher I see the urgent need to tackle the red blob which currently controls the Education system, and transform it into something which gives young people the skills they need to survive and thrive as the UK leaves the EU. Instead of Marx, Mao and Marcuse, children once again need to study Shakespeare, St. Paul and Adam Smith.

The UK must become self-sufficient in skills rather than relying on importing skilled and unskilled labour from abroad. We must train enough of our own young people to succeed and thrive in professional and technical careers, particularly as nurses, doctors, teachers, engineers, construction workers and IT professionals.

UKIP must also continue to be the party of financial responsibility, and will stop wasting vast amounts of money on HS2, wasteful ‘overseas development’ and ‘green subsidies’. British money should be spent wisely on public services in the UK such as schools, the NHS, the police and border force and honouring the military covenant rather than running down our armed forces.

We must also continue to reduce the deficit and get the nation’s finances back into balance otherwise there will be a heavy price to pay in the future with a debased currency or hyperinflation.

I also want UKIP to be the party of free speech. Everyone must have the right to discuss and criticise all ideologies and texts without fear of being harassed by the state for their opinions, provided that they are not inciting violence. The false narrative of ‘hate crime’ and ‘hate speech’ is being used to silence anyone who has an opinion which is politically incorrect.

The culture of political correctness endemic in many of our once fine institutions has allowed violent, aggressive manifestations of Islamism to thrive in many areas and particularly in our prisons.

It is also used to silence parents who are aghast at plans to introduce compulsory sex education into primary schools. It was recently announced by the Conservative Education Secretary that ‘Relationships Education’ would become compulsory in all schools – both primary and secondary.

There are differences of opinion among the leadership candidates here, but I would lead the party to stand up for traditional Judaeo-Christian family values, and oppose the teaching of non-reproductive sexual acts to children under the age of consent. Primary school and pre-school children should not be exposed to unscientific nonsense like genderqueer theory, gender fluidity or materials which are grossly age-inappropriate. There should always be freedom of speech to support the traditional family and traditional marriage, and it should be taught in schools as normative.

UKIP needs to professionalise and become a well-oiled machine, influential at both local and national level. UKIP has immense talent which is often not recognized or appreciated. If all our members work together, we can build a great party which can bring about a British renaissance and truly make Britain great again.

More information can be found on my campaign website:

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