UKIP, as we know, is sadly in disarray. There is no discipline within the party, officers of the party have descended into language not befitting the standing they have.

Many members take to social media with an abandon that knows no boundaries, the conversation is of the lowest standard. Many contributors hiding behind their keyboards demonstrate little if any respect for their fellow members. Non-members find here amongst the many pages a secure unchallenged place in which to vent their anger, angst and vitriol.

People who could be described as “senior” party figures have been caught up in this avalanche of nasty, pernicious venting. Certain MEP`s are guilty as charged in bringing this party into disrepute. They have an easy access due to their status to national media. Instead of alluding to a positive reinforcement of the party, they instead choose to spread discourse and borderline slander. The party will judge them for that.

Whatever happens with this election, one thing for sure is that the party is damaged yet again, not mortally, but none the less badly wounded. The divisions within the party are stark and will take someone special not only to deal with the disunity and the lack of trust shared among the members, but also the disconnect between the top management of the party, the middle management such as Regional Organisers and Regional Chairs and the membership.

One of the main thrusts of Ben Walker’s campaign is to unify the party, to make the structural internal changes that are needed to take it forward. This party has long been crying out for, and is desperate, to be made more professional. A career politician, someone from the old guard that has never made or sought to make those changes will simply not ensure this will happen.

This party is desperate for a new direction, a fresh, new approach to our many anomalies and troubles. We need a realistic view of where we are, where we can go in the short medium and long term with careful planning and a strategy that, from the outset, includes values and respects the membership.

Once the pathway is taken and our plans underway, we can then begin with confidence to rebuild the membership, we can hopefully attract new investment and enjoy a membership engagement never seen or experienced before. Within Ben Walker’s plans are support and training nationally on all manner of topics, including roles within elections, roles within branches and others.

Discipline is a major issue, this will be tackled directly. A new membership ethos will be encouraged. A renewed sense of comradeship, a family wherein we all have each other’s backs. Foul and abusive language in any form directed at a member from another should not be tolerated, there is no place for it. Racist homophobic and anti-Semitic language and views should also not be tolerated, again there is no place for this.

Open transparency within the party is a topic that many have a genuine reason to call for, nay demand. The information share in both directions is massively disconnected, disjointed and in most parts not in place. A new regime of information share, through Direct Democracy and most importantly a professional up to date, well managed website as an instant information portal will be in place within a matter of weeks.

Direct democracy will be rolled out as currently planned. All current members will have access, we will still have policy forums across the country, members having specialist knowledge and understanding of a topic will meet, share best practice and propose well informed current policy that will strike a chord and resonate with the electorate.

There is only one candidate talking in such depth about his plans for the party going forward. That is Ben Walker. A unity candidate who will make the difficult decisions and take this party back into the theatre of politics in this country, back to its rightful place as free thinking libertarian collective.

A party of radical ideas proposing a Great Britain first and foremost. A party that will not shy away from the difficult conversations we need to have, especially regarding Islam and Brexit. A unified party standing behind a series of radical yet sensible policies that will attract our voter base back to us again.

Never before in my lifetime has this country needed an alternative voice to the current two party system we have. Look at the complete mess, socio and economic that this country is in.

Suspicion, fear, violence, a total lack of care for our young people. Communities broken and segregated by race or religion. Greed, jealousy and a lack of respect for any authority pervades our soul as a nation.

UKIP is the party, UKIP is the way back, to peace, unity and a feeling of hope and respect for each other.  

UKIP led by Ben Walker will be that party. You the membership need to make it happen.

 Stephen Place, Campaign Manager for Ben Walker:

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