The leadership contestants Jane Collins MEP and Marion Mason NEC sent us their additional statements which we publish below. There is also an invitation to Hustings from Peter Whittle.

Statement from Jane Collins MEP

As a leadership candidate I am happy to answer questions about my political and economic philosophy but I am concerned about the number of questionnaires being circulated which are focused on Islam.

As Nigel Farage has warned, we must not become obsessed with Islam – or any religion. These are easy targets for our opponents.

I am concerned this election is becoming dominated by religion: either the religion of a candidate or a religion a candidate hates.

As home affairs spokeswoman I have repeatedly stated I believe in only one rule of law in this country: no ifs, no buts.

I have also stated foreigners who break any UK law or who are a threat to our security should be deported.

But I am not islamophobic, not do I think UKIP should be. As the person who spoke out for the 1400 victims of CSE in Rotherham, at considerable financial and emotional cost, I know the problems we face.

Civil war and vigilantism is not the answer. I hope people realise I am the person with the experience on this subject and listen to me.

My interview on talkRADIO on the topic of grooming gangs can be heard on my website

Next, the statement by leadership contestant Marion Mason NEC:

Law & Order

Having freedom of movement with no border control has allowed foreign criminals to come into the country.

Police resources are stretched since recent austerity cuts. When suspects are apprehended there are additional costs due to the need for interpreters. Taxpayer’s money!

What makes me even more concerned, is the amount of foreign criminals who having served their sentence are released and due for deportation, are not deported! Partly due to complete disorganisation.

There are currently nearly 2000 foreign criminals who should have been deported who are still living in the UK more than five years after being let out of jail. This includes rapists, robbers, paedophiles and drug dealers. They are on what is called “immigration bail” and some eventually re-offend. This is disgraceful and unacceptable!

The Sunday Mirror has uncovered figures showing there are 5884 ex lags here due to delays in kicking them out. This is a risk to our public safety. Also a tremendous drain on the public purse. Think what could be done with this wasted taxpayers money. Delays are apparently due to appeals against the deportation due to issues with the offender’s children, the offender’s health and asylum claims etc.

As far as law abiding UK residents are concerned, these criminals should be collected at the prison doors and removed immediately.

Something else that personally makes me more angry is that as a Manager of a nursing home for the elderly, I was constantly fighting with social workers to arrange and fund placements for elderly ill patients who, due to lack of money, had to languish in hospital beds longer than necessary until money was available for the placement.

I therefore equate the cost of these prisoners, which at last figures was approx. £35,000 annually, to the inability to provide care for our elderly as unacceptable at approx. the same annual cost. Yet it cannot be found for our elderly!!

The foreign prisoners should be deported back to their country of origin to do their time in their own prisons.

We have overcrowding in our prisons now, therefore another reason for this action to be pursued.

Foreign criminals to be deported prior to prison placement to spend sentence term in country of origin.

Marion’s website:

Finally, an invitation to hustings which should be of interest to readers and members. It was forwarded to UKIP DAily by Cllr Les Gamester:

Dear Editor,

Just FYI, in case you are unaware, I received this invitation on Aug 16th (see text below).

There are also a hustings at St Albans at the same date and time at the Golden Lion pub (AL2 1RG).

Notice neither are mentioned in Paul Oakden’s e-mail, his list starts from 23rd.

Cheers. Cllr Les Gamester


Dear Members,

As you may be aware I have been travelling the country over the past few weeks attending branch meetings and taking part in local hustings. Therefore I would like to invite you to attend our special campaign event in Westminster on Monday August 21st.

There will be a number of speakers and I would be delighted if you would be able to attend. Please do send this email on to your members as they are all welcome. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to The details are as follows:

Starts 7:00 PM  –  Monday August 21st

Conference Hall, Mary Sumner House

24 Tufton Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3RB

Thank You, Peter

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