Dear Gerard,

Awaiting the National Executive Committee meeting tomorrow, I thought I’d share a couple of thoughts with you, if you have a few moments.

I am copying this to Viv Evans, asking her to publish it as an open message not only to you but also to the NEC, and in the hope that UKIP members will be able to express their views in readers’ comments, and that the NEC will take account of these views in their deliberations.

In a word, I am hoping that the NEC will call on Bolton to resign and on you to take up the interim leadership. And that you will consider accepting it, though I know it is a heavy burden to shoulder, not least personally. But as a country we are facing what will undoubtedly be our darkest hour – since 1940. Our chances of survival are slim, and getting slimmer. Urgent decisions and action are required.

We have a lot of rowing back to do. A bleak prospect of complete defeat is staring us in the face.

Since our triumph in the referendum on June 23rd, and Nigel’s resignation, it has been downhill all the way for UKIP, with one leadership mishap after another. Now we have the debacle offered by Henry Bolton. His long inactivity on matters of policy. His choice of a girl-friend with appalling, openly racist, views, publicly stated, even insulting the Royal Family! Oh and it seems that no-one has yet said that an apology is also due there, but it surely is.

How can UKIP allow itself to be led by a man for whom this sort of mindset is evidently of no account, when leading figures in the party itself, not to mention the country, of non-white or mixed-race parentage would fall under this person’s condemnation, reminiscent of Germany in the 1930s, when people were condemned not for what they did or said, but for their “race”.

The leader of a political party must ultimately be prepared to be Prime Minister. How could someone like Bolton, coupled with Ms Marney, present himself to the Queen or indeed her successor, after what his partner has said about the royal family being “tainted” with “negro seed”… ???!!!

Surely these views “taint” not only the person who expressed them, but also the man who chose her as his “serious relationship”; and, I am afraid, the Party who chose this man as leader, will not emerge unscathed if the situation is allowed to continue.

Not only that, but Bolton put himself forward, in a public, videoed, interview, as the man who “saved” UKIP from the “National socialist” road it would have taken if Anne-Marie Waters had been elected. This is the height of irony. Until he said this, I for one, was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. But for him to attack his defeated rival like this, was way, way over the top. He should, statesmanlike, have offered her an olive-branch, discussed the possibility of her having a portfolio, aimed to reconstruct party unity. Instead he chose to besmirch the thousands of members who had voted for her, and he also bought into the pernicious narrative that to be against Islam is somehow “Nazi” (when actually Hitler admired Islam as a “manly” warlike creed, which he thought better than Christiantiy) and of course “racist”.

This mental short-circuit which confuses race and religion (nature and culture) is actually sanctified – alas! – in an Act of Parliament against “incitement to racial-and-religious hatred”, creating a hideous and pernicious muddle in the public mind which needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Surely it is abundantly clear that there is no logical or necessary connection between race and religion whatsoever. To bundle them together is to give aid and succour to our deadly enemies – both racists and Islamic militants. The latter indeed have profited enormously from the confusion. Anyone who criticises Islam is shouted down as a “racist”. While real racists are thus enabled to point to the fact that most perpetrators of atrocities happen to be brown or black in order to try to substantiate their theories and foment racial war.

If tomorrow the NEC allows Bolton to remain, an unfriendly MSM will make hay with his, and by implication the whole Party’s, ambivalence on this issue. If the NEC does not call for his resignation tomorrow, it will be a field day for the old story, “Ah well, after all, UKIP really is the BNP in blazers” all over again. Nigel tried hard to dispel this myth by banning anyone who had ever been in the BNP from ever joining UKIP, but that will have been in vain.

Of course the counter-argument to calling for Bolton to go  is that a fourth leadership contest in less than two years will be damaging to the Party’s reputation. However to allow the present situation to fester will be quite indefensible, and far more damaging.

What we need at present, and very urgently, is to appoint a credible interim leader, who may then, at a later stage, be elected as leader.

I see Mike Hookem has thrown his hat into the ring as interim leader. He is surely fine on Defence and Fisheries, but I saw he had bought into the pernicious “Waters is a racist” narrative, and I am not sure that he did not knock Woolfe to the floor, which, whatever the verbal provocation might have been, would have been unforgivable.

In any case, I, and I may say, Christopher Gill, see no alternative to yourself picking up the reins, reuniting the party, carrying forward the excellent policy ideas you set out in your recent article in ukipdaily, and building a front to oppose a second referendum.

Indeed, a second referendum will be our undoing, if things go forward as at present.

When the negotiations with Barnier are completed and his “rotten deal” for us to “leave” the EU is on the table, this remoaner-dominated Parliament may well give the country a second referendum. And if it does, we can be pretty sure that “immediate exit” will not be one of the two choices. We in UKIP will have no voice in choosing the questions. So it will surely be a choice between “Leaving” under Barnier’s rotten deal, or Remaining full members. We will have been checkmated.

Checkmated and sewn up, not just for a generation, but for centuries ahead. Remain would clearly win (who of us would campaign to have Barnier’s rotten deal accepted?), and the Eurocrats will then cement us in and under the iron heel of their United State of Europe for good, with Corpus Juris, the Eurogendarmerie and the EU army, walking all over us; we shall have French, Spanish, Rumanian etc soldiery stationed in Aldershot and other parts of our country, and British regiments on the Eastern front facing the Ukraine.

You are now our Brexit spokesman, and no better choice could have been made. Over the years you have produced a lot of excellent research on our relationship with the EU from the point of view of trade, and the costs of our membership in financial terms. Not only that, you have also covered the constitutional implications of our membership most thoroughly.

Another reason I have admired your political acumen is that, unlike some, you have had a clear idea as to the other grave danger to our whole way of life – the one posed by Islam. You have done a lot of excellent research on Islam and Islamism. And I remember when you wanted to go to Heathrow to talk to Geert Wilders when he tried to come to the UK to speak at the House of Lords in a meeting arranged by Lord Pearson and Baroness Cox, and was stopped by Jacqui “Jackboots” Smith the dreadful Home Sec., with an incredible banning order. This was sharia law in action, crushing our traditional freedom of speech.

I know you have also always paid careful attention to the issue of our basic freedoms, and their safeguards under our Magna Carta heritage system of criminal justice – an issue championed by Christopher Gill and myself, though sorely neglected by most. You produced an excellent video on the European Arrest Warrant, which deserved a much greater coverage than it received.

You are a founder member of UKIP. Your speeches in the EU Parliament and elsewhere have been pithy, no-nonsense, and hard-hitting.

You come over as tried and tested, sound and solid.

However, by and large, I feel that your work and your talents have been somewhat neglected and underused by the Party. I very much hope that the NEC will ask Bolton to resign and you to take over, as interim leader. If they do and if you accept, your work and your views will get the far wider recognition that they deserve and that so far has been denied to them. You will get more airspace and column inches than ever before.

I can see nobody else who is likely to be able to pull the Party together again and get it back on the road, as a force that the government and Parliament will have to reckon with.

In any case, I send you my very best wishes,


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