alexa photoWe are now on the run up to what is essentially Christmas for political parties, and this is reflected with online web activity. An organisation called Alexa ranks websites by the number of hits they get. Google is always number 1, followed by Facebook and Youtube.

The rankings in the table below work similarly to heavy rain in the mountains followed by flooding days later in the valley. So some parties could have higher traffic now but it could take weeks or even a month to truly reflect in their Alexa ranking – this is due to it being a three month average. But still it is the best for showing trends of those websites.

UKIP have got the highest ranking so far for any political party by a country mile, BNP seem stubborn to move even though they have barely mustered above a 100 council candidates – it seems that people are still looking at their message. The LibDems have seen a sharp increase in traffic, so even though Clegg may have lost the debate he certainly put his party back on the map. Labour & Conservatives have fallen back with SNP slipping even more – it will be interesting to see how the Independence Referendum plays out coming to September. The Greens are still to reclaim their high position of a few months ago.

We then have the Left Unity with only 12 candidates in the council elections yet occupy a top ten slot for political parties – someone is definitely visiting the site. It would be interesting to see if like the TUSC who last year achieved top ten status but then fell right back or can it be sustained for the coming months.

Respect has also seen a rise again back into the UK rankings after nearly becoming a no data candidate 5 months ago. The official Loonies have also seen a sharp rise after falling back quite significantly.

It will be very interesting to see how this chart develops after the May elections.

The link on each party is to the ALEXA page for the party, not the party’s website. Last month’s ranking is in brackets.


1 (1) UKIP 1,813
2 (2) BNP 4,765
4 (3) LABOUR 9,551
6 (4) SNP 13,839
7 (7) THE GREEN PARTY 18,819
8 (8) JUSTICE 4 MEN & BOYS 27,223
9 (9) PIRATE PARTY 36,177
10 (-) LEFT UNITY 38,485
12 (-) RESPECT PARTY 79,915
13 (-) OMRLP 121,454

Further details of this news item, and other election news, such as the latest Euro polling, can be found on my website UK General Election 2015

Photo by brizzle born and bred

Photo by 硬是要學

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