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Len Harris for the NEC


Political Crossroads

Many political commentators have rightly identified that UKIP is now standing at a political crossroads where one road forward will take us on to even greater electoral success, whilst the other will lead to a slow and steady decline, and even possibly complete oblivion.

It is my firm belief that not only can UKIP go onto even greater success, but also that we will do so within the space of the next few years.  However, this will not happen by default; it can only happen if we make the right decisions, and take the right actions in the weeks and months that lie immediately ahead of us.

That is why I have decided to stand for the NEC so that I can help bring about the necessary actions through the deployment of my considerable first hand experience of successful political campaigning gained over the past 52 years.

My top priority is:-


Building up our Membership

With 3.8 million votes gained in the May 2015 General Election we ought to have at least 200,000 members.  At present we have only a small fraction of that.  I know the proven campaign techniques which can achieve a membership of 200,000 and as a member of the NEC will press for these to be deployed.  Further details can be found at


Briefly other subjects covered are:-

Constitutional Reform

More Effective Organisation

Priorities for Target Seats

Fully Computerised Electoral Registers

Large Scale Fund Raising

High Financial Standards

Full details of my ideas on all of the above can be found at



UKIP Years

I joined UKIP in late April 2013, after a great deal of careful thought and research conducted during the earlier part of 2013.  One of the reasons I joined was because I was most impressed by the UKIP Constitution, and the fact that it was so readily available for download from the main UKIP web site.  This was in sharp contrast with other major political parties where their constitution and rules were either impossible or exceedingly hard to find.  It seemed to me that UKIP as a self-declared libertarian and democratic party dedicated to upholding the rule of law was the right political party for me.

Political Background

I first became politically active in late October 1963, when at the age of 17½ years I joined the Putney Conservative Association.

I was a highly active member of the Conservative Party for 30 years up until 1993.  I remained an inactive member until 2003 when I deliberately chose not to renew my membership.  Full details of my past Political Record can be found at


Allan White for the NEC

“I’m tired of being insulted, tired of being lied to.
I will never quit until we truly have a party of the people.
Visit my website – See who I am.”


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