Note from Ed: We have received the following statements from a candidate running for the NEC. We would encourage other candidates to send in similar statements, and we will be happy to publish them.




I joined UKIP in 2015 and became Beaconsfield branch chairman, council candidate and Vote Leave constituency Co-ordinator in my first year. Just as I thought UKIP could make a difference, the party almost destroyed its legacy.

There is no point moaning from the sidelines, so I have put myself forward as a candidate in the NEC election.

By profession, I am a theatre producer, having staged shows in the West End, Las Vegas, Broadway, China, South Africa and managed star talent dealing with press and media. PR is a major issue that needs improving for UKIP.

Paul Oakden is doing a terrific job as party chairman, but the NEC needs a transfusion of new blood to inject common sense into decision making and prevent the squabbling. The NEC needs to be transparent, publishing minutes and start listening to grassroots ideas for policy strategy.  It needs to be less of an unaccountable secret society, with email contacts published so party members can interact with NEC members. We need to sort out the finances and install more professional full time administrators.

The NEC should run the party like a company board of directors, representing the interests of the stakeholders, (that’s us the members), developing a strategy and vision for the party. It must support its full time officers and make the party financially stable.

More than half a million pounds of legitimate party funding is  available to us from Parliament, but not being claimed because Douglas Carswell does not agree with this funding principle.  Diane James has now decided not to take her EU administration grants that have previously paid for party staff. Both these actions will result in full time staff being made redundant and weaken the party infrastructure. I can’t accept we would be jumping on ‘a gravy train’ by taking funding that all other parties do. It’s far better for the electorate to fund all political parties, than trade unions and a handful of wealthy individuals.

The decision to suspend Suzanne Evans, barring her from the last leadership election was draconian and hardly an advert for ‘free speech’. I will be voting for Paul Nuttall as leader, but hope Suzanne’s talents can be harnessed, certainly her editing of the 2015 manifesto was a great piece of work.

The referendum proved UKIP doesn’t have to win the most seats to affect power and positive change. UKIP is not just a policy on Europe, it’s about the people who believed in that policy.

UKIP was built by a charismatic leader, supported by grassroots activists and will only continue if the NEC can restore both again.

John Gurney for NEC

The NEC is Not Fit For Purpose.  That is the opening line of my personal statement that has been sent out to all UKIP members.  If you are not aware of who I am or how I can make such a bold statement, then I shall tell you.  From mid-August to mid-October, I wrote 35 articles highlighting the corruption, lies and internal scheming of the NEC.  These articles are based on leaked emails copied from the NEC’s own internal forum, and so they are the absolute truth of what went on from 4th July, the day Nigel Farage resigned, to 3rd August.  The articles are collectively available online on a Facebook Page and Flipboard of the same name “NEC, Not Fit For Purpose”.

The basis of my challenge to the NEC and my reason for wanting to be elected is to abolish and replace it with my plan, the Party Executive Cabinet (PEC).  Unlike others who talk about change and having ideas, I have created a full plan.  I also met with John Rees-Evans, who was aware of my plans beforehand, and very interested in what I put forward to him.   The PEC is a 4-tier administration framework for the whole party, and is explained, with diagrams on my webpage:

There are several problems we have with the NEC and party at present, and lack of direct democracy is only one of them.  In my opinion, all the governing body should be fully and democratically elected.  Most importantly, each “director” should have a specific responsibility and portfolio, just like a real board of directors.  We should have a director for Campaigns, Membership, Fund Raising, Social Media, Elections, etc.  But the Treasurer and General Secretary should also be elected and not appointed as they currently are.  I’d also do away with the position of Party Chairman too, and replace this role with the Deputy Leader, who has always had a place on the NEC anyway.

I think the NEC meetings should take place in open session, which any member could attend.  They should also be on a permanent tour of all 12 regions.  Minutes should be made available online within 48 hours.  I’d even like to see a “Question Time” type of session at the end of the meetings for the audience of members to be able ask the governing body, anything they wish.  Why can’t our governing body be completely open, honest and work for all the members?

I’m proposing also proposing committees at regional and county level, reflecting the same requirement for specific positions as the PEC.  At the moment, we have 12 regional chairmen but they basically have to be a “Jack of all trades”.  If they aren’t particularly good at using the Internet or Social Media, then your region will suffer – just look at your regional page on UKIP’s antiquated website and then compare it to a couple of other regions.   There’s no standard or consistency.

As a party, we aren’t even doing the simple things correctly.  Nothing is organised properly, there’s no structure, no strategy, no professionalism in the approach of the governing body.  It’s not just the current bunch of corrupt wasters who aren’t fit for purpose, it’s the whole system.  We need to throw it away and start again.  We are now in the Post Referendum era of UKIP.  Let’s make a new fresh start and create a framework that enables the whole membership to get involved; support the party and most importantly work to ensure that not only can the leader do their job but everyone can help and support each other.

Please read more about me via my website, Facebook page and Flipboard link:


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