Alan Stone for NEC

For your information, I am standing for NEC election and, should I win a seat, I will do my utmost to push through the changes we have discussed.

Basingstoke Branch, for which I am Chairman, is having an EGM next week to insist the NEC holds a meeting to discuss reforms. We are not insisting reform is needed, but do insist reform is discussed.

Thank you all for replying to my “UKIP needs direction” e-mail. In all, some 500 members replied and although most were just short notes agreeing with my thoughts some of you brought some really positive ideas to the table. I will post some on my website later this week (

Summary of replies:
1. The central party must produce an online database of leaflet, flyer and poster materials that can be adapted easily for branches to use. This database must include stock photographs that are UKIP copyright.

2. Complaints and disciplinary matters must be resolved quicker. Maybe giving the County Committee powers to administer some of these issues that clog the regional officers’ desks.

3. UKIP must de-select candidates that publicly disrespect Party or elected members. Criticism must be kept behind closed doors. The public face of any organisation must be of unity.

4. Branch officials need direct access to OUR N.E.C members, either directly or through the County Chairman.

5. N.E.C decisions should be made available to all members.

6. We need designated party spokespersons on specific policy areas (like education, NHS, Defence, etc) backed up by a team of the industry trained professionals that exist at Branch level. They must produce a regular “line to follow” email for ALL branch chairmen

7. There needs to be a robust member training program.

8. UKIP leadership must, with some urgency, provide a post BREXIT plan for the Party and the Country.

9. Very few criticisms of my policy ideas. (See original email) Branches must be consulted on policy planning.

10. Party management must be more businesslike and they must remember it is a PEOPLES PARTY not a private members club.

Thank you, again please feel free to reply and pass this email on to all your Branch members. We won a battle, the war is not yet over. UK needs UKIP.

Yours Sincerely

Alan Stone



Rob McWhirter for NEC

My candidacy website – – is now live.

As an incentive for UKIP Daily readers to study it carefully, hidden somewhere within is regular author Sonya Porter, as well as possibly the oldest bit of Cable & Wireless kit in the world!

Happy hunting!

Rob McWhirter



Lee Harris for NEC

leeharrisDo you want to see UKIP grow? Grow in membership size, grow our number of council seats held, grow our number of MP’s and AM’s? I do and I say let’s Go For Growth.

UKIP as a party already have millions of supporters the length and breadth of this green and pleasant land who like our excellent policies. We now need to create a credible party that is ready to govern at all levels. This will enable us to build upon the 4 million voters from 2015 and establish our own Westminster power base.

It has been said numerous times by the likes of Paul Nuttall MEP, Bill Etheridge MEP and Suzanne Evans to name but a few, that UKIP are at our best when we are at our most radical; and I wholeheartedly agree.

One radical proposal I would fight for and support if elected to our National Executive Committee is for a regionally represented NEC. There are two ways in how it could work in my eyes with the first being that each region has one representative elected to the NEC from a regionally held ballot. This would help to ease members fears that their voice, or their region is not being heard.

Taking into account the difference in membership sizes from region to region I came up with a second method. In this method each region is allowed to have one NEC representative for X number of members. Much like how council wards often have more than one Cllr depending on the size of the ward and the electorate, UKIP could do the same. Say that the South East has ten thousand members, it would be given two seats of representation where Scotland for example would only get one representative for having 5 thousand members.

Both methods I believe would encourage regions to not only retain its members, but to actively go out and recruit more new blood to the party.

All candidates wishing to stand in internal elections would also be required to have been a UKIP member in good standing for a minimum of three years. Each candidate would also have to pass a vetting process before being eligible to stand. We expect it of our elected parliamentarians, so why not for our NEC?

Keeping with the radical thinking, I believe that it is about time UKIP practiced what we preached. We believe in more direct democracy. If elected, I will campaign for the Party Chairman to be an elected position.

Further to this I also believe any and all internally elected positions should be open to recall by the membership. 51% of members, either regionally or nationally, depending on the position would be required to sign a document calling for the recall of an elected official. Said elected official would be automatically put on to the fresh ballot if they wished to be in order to make their case to their electorate.

With not only campaign management experience behind me, proof of which is in my appointment by GO! to lead the victorious North West referendum campaign, I also have life experience. From growing up on a council estate in the North East of England to serving on the front line in Afghanistan; to standing for political office. I believe that I am extremely well qualified and well suited to helping this great party forge a path to Westminster.

Go For Growth by voting for Lee Harris in this NEC election.

Lee Harris
Chairman, UKIP Bishop Auckland

Facebook campaign page

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