David Allen for NEC

Below I include the personal statement that will go out with the Independent magazine shortly and a description of some of the things I would like to see happen in the party. I have also produced a series of video presentations explaining these same concepts and they can be found on my candidate’s web site: www.davidallen-ukip.co.uk  

I would have posted this earlier but I have been busy campaigning in a borough council by-election (Trench Ward) in which I am standing as the candidate. The opposition is strong as the Conservatives hold almost all the council seats in Tonbridge and Malling. We are giving it our best shot.

Personal Statement:

I stood for an NEC position last year and received 764 votes. I hope to do better this time. Like most members I’m not privy to the details of NEC and leadership disagreements but I can assure you that I see the post as principally supporting the leadership toward achieving the party goals. That, it appears, hasn’t always been the case.  

I support greater member inclusion, structured policy development, innovative fundraising and the expansion of our membership to a new generation. I have the ideas and the organisational and management background to make things happen. To find out more about me, my ideas and my intentions please visit. www.davidallen-ukip.co.uk   

I have a track record of developing and progressing innovative solutions and my 65 articles published on UKIP Daily attest to a breadth and depth of political understanding.  

Help me to make a real difference!


Stan Edwards, Wales, for NEC

stan-ukipI bring a fresh face to UKIP. Although I am politically aware, I am as yet untainted by direct involvement with political activity. I have strong views that the ordinary people of the UK are the ones who are desperate for a voice above the elitists who consider the electorate as voting fodder. Also the grassroots of UKIP should have a greater say in a more accountable NEC.

I bring the knowledge and experience as a property professional who worked for public authorities in Wales involved in delivering major projects, eventually using gained specialist knowledge in my own consultancy.

You will find that I have transferrable skills to bring to UKIP. To know more, see: Stan Edwards Compulsory Purchase.

I am for all the things we voted for in exiting the EU to maintain British sovereignty, culture, heritage and traditional values. I put my family before any organisation and as a committed Christian I put God before anything else. ‘We the people’ must be heard in place of ‘we the traditional establishment LibLabCon elite’

Policy interests:

To maintain as near as possible the original alignment of UKIP ideals. UKIP needs leadership, a clued-up NEC and the support of the members. We have to remain focused yet always be adaptive to changing circumstances. We have to deliver for the 17.5 million people who not only voted LEAVE but further bring fundamental change in the way we are governed. We have to be smart.


Using knowledge and experience to build up UKIP candidate core knowledge and skills and to be a reference point in specific knowledge areas.


Gerry Robinson for NEC

When, back in October, he confirmed on the ‘Daily Politics’ Show his candidature for the Leadership position, Paul Nuttall, who didn’t stand in the previous election, stated that he was coming back because he felt that ‘the Party needed him’. He was right of course. Now, more than ever, we need to move on past the infighting that has taken place at the top of our Party, draw a line under it and make a new start with a new leader and a strong, professional NEC to back him or her up.

I don’t simply ask for your vote without explaining here why I think you should vote for me. To me it is obvious, as has been stated by other political commentators, that our National Executive Committee is desperately in need of what some have called ‘professionalisation’. For me, this translates into an elected body with transparent and open procedures by which the grassroots members can clearly see the decisions made by the NEC including decisions made at meetings and voting records. It means radically improving the connection between the regional level and the NEC so that branches can more easily take contact to, and influence the decisions of, that body. It means an organisation with the maturity to deal with the diverse personalities in the upper echelons of the Party and to thus ensure that we are one unified force able to effectively take seats in the next General Election and move into the position where UKIP needs to and should be – the main opposition party, whilst in the meantime exerting unified pressure to ensure that the wishes of the majority of the electorate who voted on the 23rd June are met in full and not weakened or watered down as many, such as the MiliClegg alliance for example, seem determined to do.

I bring to the contest nearly thirty years of professional project management experience, mainly gained abroad, project managing large project teams working on high value contracts for multi-national companies.  You can find the full details of my professional experience on LinkedIn https://ie.linkedin.com/in/robinsongerry

Politically, after joining UKIP in early 2014, ‘I hit the ground running’ supporting Roger Helmer’s Newark By-Election campaign. Soon afterwards I became Membership Secretary for Rutland & Melton Branch. During the General Election, I was Parliamentary Campaign Manager for our candidate, Richard Billington, achieving second place in a safe Conservative seat and quadrupling our vote share in the process.  As Area Organiser during the Referendum, I ran the local operation, coordinating the work of UKIP, Leave.EU, Grassroots Out and Vote Leave volunteers with both Rutland and Melton voting to Leave on the 23rd June.

I believe that with my professional background, skills and experience coupled with the political knowledge gained over the last two years, as an NEC member I will be able to drive the professionalisation of that body and help to ensure that our Party takes its rightful place as a major political party always with our country’s needs as its main driver.

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