Clive Egan for NEC

clive-eganI am standing for the NEC as I believe I can make a strong contribution that reflects the desires and concerns of many party members. Recently, the NEC has not served the interests of the Party, the last example of which of was the failure by some members of that body to assent to the selection of Victoria Ayling as UKIP candidate in the Sleaford Parliamentary byelection. No justification for the actions of this minority has been given. If elected I would fight for and support a regionally represented NEC, greater transparency and communication of NEC decisions with justifications.

Although UKIP had a strong Election Manifesto the party is seen as a one issue party. Of course ensuring a proper Brexit is implemented should be our primary objective, but we need to produce more policy documents and disseminate these to the general public. Too much energy is expended by some in furthering their own career ambitions within the party regardless of the harm it does to our standing in the eyes of the electorate.

These policies should be based on the welfare of the majority of the British population: particularly in drastically reducing immigration, implementing a self-interested and traditional foreign policy, improving our health service, and giving young people a proper education. By so doing we can broaden our appeal, break the duopoly of power that exists in our country and win seats in Parliament. Many members have good ideas and expertise and also know people who do. Hopefully these can better looked into, valued and more thoroughly explored by the leadership in the future and I hope to play a part in this as a member of the NEC if elected.

As for my personal background I am a strategy consultant by profession, have worked in financial services – several years of this in Frankfurt in Germany, as a journalist (at the Financial Times), and as a university lecturer in finance and business strategy.

I am the Chairman of UKIP Westminster and City Branch, an active branch that puts on many events and invites members from other branches in the party to them. The next one is our Christmas Buffet at a great venue near Trafalgar Square in the centre of London on Thursday, 22nd December. Last year 65 UKIP members and their guests from all over London came to eat and drink at a price of only £20. This event is not designed to make money, but to provide an opportunity for members to meet one another and make contacts. I hope you will come. Please email me at for further details of this event or for further information about me.

Aidan Powlesland for NEC


In the Tooting by-election in June our vote fell by 45%. In the Witney by-election in October we were slaughtered. Our vote fell by 62%. It is easy, if you are so minded, to agree that UKIP needs a revolution to outflank the Conservatives who are hijacking our identity. It is not so easy to agree on what form that revolution should take to better the country. But in any case UKIP needs people who will navigate a radically new course.

I was born and grew up in Essex and have a Masters degree in history from the University of Cambridge. I am Funding Officer for the Suffolk South committee. I am an inventor entrepreneur especially of computer games about military history. In 2015 I was our candidate for parliament in Harrow East in London where our vote share rose 150%.

UKIP needs a revolution in policy to prove that our offering is still the best. Since 1999 welfare spending has risen by 50% after adjusting for inflation. We cannot afford it.

Anti-austerity parties like the SNP and Labour say that government spending extra is good. The Conservatives also want to spend more. Spending extra, when you are 1,606 billion pounds in debt, is like finding a drunk in the ditch in the morning and giving him a bottle of whiskey as a pick me up.

Instead of tagging along behind the others over the cliff of binge spending (as UKIP’s current manifesto proposes) I want UKIP to advocate a £103 billion per annum reduction in welfare. Six additional measures would save 60 billion pounds per annum more.

These steps would provide for a wealth creating tax cut of £42 billion per annum, an increase in defence spending of £33 billion per annum and permit the paying off of government debt before it sucks the life out of the economy.

As long as politics is more about taking your wealth and doling it out to someone else and less about letting you work together to create wealth, politics will be like observing bald men fighting over a comb. I want this comb left to others to squabble over while UKIP liberates the country to make its fortune.

To the left, UKIP’s eye is drawn to fear (not least of free markets), and the poverty that results from authoritarian government. To the right, UKIP’s eye is drawn to realism and the wealth that would result from a state closer to the (well armed) night watchman than the zombie we have now. Considering this choice between left and right please accept this invitation as a token of my request that you help me, by being so kind as to give me your vote for the NEC, to nudge UKIP’s soul toward taking the virtuous turn at the crossroads which we face.

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