Note from Ed: We have received the following statements from two of the candidates running for the NEC. We would encourage other candidates to send in similar statements, and we will be happy to publish them.

Chris Mendes for the NEC

While the other parties are disconnected and completely out of touch, UKIP is out of shape with infrastructure that needs to change. But between the two problems – one is easier to fix than the other.

UKIP needs refreshing. As a professional software engineer for over 10 years, an expert in modern technology, I want to push the party through fundamental technological advancement. Outlined on my website, I have a practical vision that will upgrade UKIP’s campaign effectiveness everywhere throughout
the country.
Aged 31, I’m young, hard-working, and I believe absolutely in UKIP. I’m a relentless campaigner as I was during the referendum, and I have a fresh perspective and real expertise that can make a difference.

My campaign website where I have outlined my immediate vision for UKIP can be found here: I invite you to visit.
During the referendum I co-led the Leave campaign on the ground in the London Borough of Croydon.
Thanks to UKIP and my political hero Nigel Farage, in 2015 I realised what an important fight this was, and when the referendum began I didn’t hesitate to give it my all. I happily stopped working for 8 months and spent around two thousand pounds of my own money on leaflets, expensive PVC banners, equipment, venue bookings, and donations.
Like so many UKIP members – we all know that ‘Kippers’ pretty much ran most of the Leave street stalls in the country – we ran street stalls every single week, spoke to a countless number of people, distributed thousands of leaflets, knocked on hundreds of doors, and organised a dozen public meetings.The more people I explained the Leave arguments to – chiefly that our country should be free to democratically govern itself – the more I believed so passionately in them and believed in UKIP for
opening my eyes in the first place.

It was because of UKIP that I became a political activist for the first time, because of UKIP I now have a firm grip on the values that should govern our country – and if UKIP hasn’t earned my commitment and loyalty over the years to come, then no other party ever will.
Returning to my proposed contribution to the NEC, the reality today is that UKIP is woefully behind with its use of modern technology. And furthermore, the EU referendum showed that digital communications is playing a greater role in political education and campaigning than ever before.
We are missing out on so many opportunities and for as long as this is the case, UKIP will struggle to expand its current base of support, especially amongst younger generations. If we are going to march on post-referendum and compete in General Elections, we cannot afford to tie our own hands behind our back.
I want to assume responsibility for the NEC Technology Sub-Committee and transform it into a creative, innovative, service-oriented department that seeks to upgrade UKIP’s internal organisation, external communications, and overall campaign effectiveness. If given the chance I will help upgrade the party’s infrastructure so that we can better compete for more members, more donations, and more votes.
Vote for me to sit on our party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) and I promise to make UKIP a more modern, innovative, and effective political party. We’ve been the outsider for long enough – let’s get started on upgrading our internal infrastructure and our campaign arsenal, so that we can become the formidable political force in this country that we know we can be in the years to come.
– Chris Mendes, UKIP NEC Candidate 2016 –
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Candidature of Rhys Burriss for National Executive Committee  2016:

Please find a full statement on my website,  also my postings on for  fuller details of my thinking on various issues, both internal to UKIP and in the wider public policy sphere.

In terms of the Leadership election I strongly favour Paul Nuttall MEP as being best placed to appeal to the abandoned voters of the former Labour fastnesses of the North and elsewhere.



From a 1950s and ’60s Midlands council estate background I obtained a place at Oxford (to read Brazilian and Portuguese Studies) and thence to Gray’s Inn to read for the Bar.

I am fluent in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French.

Career-wise I have been Clerk to the Justices in the Northeast of England; also Resident Magistrate in British Overseas Territories; extending to a senior legal posting in Africa for the United Nations (The Rwanda Tribunal) .

So I claim an international outlook and work  /  study experience on three continents!

I see UKIP replacing Labour as the genuine Party of working people – those on average and below wages whom Labour abandoned and now despise from their Islingtonian dinner tables.

I would also bring a much needed NorthEast perspective to the NEC’s deliberations, and be available, should the new Leader so wish, to explain UKIP’s policies in fluent French and Italian on the relevant media outlets.

I am happy to respond to any questions directed to me at

Rhys  Burriss

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