Ed: The author would like to make clear that his views are not shared by his branch.

When Leave voters outnumbered the Remain voters, UKIP should have moved to become what H Bolton referred to as the third political party.  In the 2017 election, where were the British voters who previously supported UKIP? UKIP was seen as the anti-EU party and not as a mainstream British political party.  Even today some UKIP members still think that UKIP’s main purpose is to fight for leaving the EU and any policies not associated with leaving the EU are irrelevant.

I remained a UKIP member because the UK needs an effective third political party.  If UKIP does not want to become an effective third political party then it is finished, under which circumstances there will be no need to renew my membership at the end of this year.

I was disappointed by the lack of future vision of all of the leadership candidates, including H Bolton at Stamford.  The impression that I got was one where members were dissatisfied with the present chairman and with the ineffective UKIP information systems.  I disagree with Social Media being one of the main information channels.  What was missing were the leadership candidates visions for the future.  Not one candidate gave me any confidence in being able to make UKIP the third political party.

When I saw and heard Bolton at a UKIP meeting in Derby, he advocated UKIP becoming the third political party.  I wondered why he had not spoken of this at the Stamford hustings where he might have gathered more supporters.

Assuming that Henry does not win (or loses, depending on your personal view) then UKIP’s future as a political party will hang in the balance; several more months of indecision to see if a new leader is chosen. Will the new leader have a vision beyond leaving the EU next year?  UKIP’s support has been as a “Leave” the EU party, the UK is leaving, so the support is no longer there.

In some parts of the UK, there will soon be local elections, and who will be available to project UKIP as a viable future third political party?  The projection of UKIP as the third political party should have started following the election of Paul Nuttall as a leader.  All I will say is that he appeared to have no vision for UKIP’s future.  At least HenryBolton appears, or appeared, to be prepared to lead UKIP into becoming the third UK political party.

What do we have now? UKIP in disarray because of a major indiscretion by its leader.  Male hormones and common sense are not always in synchronism.  Female hormones and logic can also be out of synchronism.  Why was Henry Bolton’s silly affair in the news (I say silly because he will regret the affair when common sense about male/female relationships kicks in)? It was the lack of alternative news for the mainstream media.

At the moment, UKIP has the chance to become the third political party.  The Liberal Democrats are not the party of the future because of their pro-EU stance.  Ideological splits in Labour will not help Labour who appear to be “for the EU Many and not the UK Few”.  Will UKIP’s stance be, “UKIP the party that gave you the referendum”?  It was Donald Tusk, of the EU, who gave the UK its referendum by his dogmatic stance on the freedom of movement of people (tongue in cheek comment by me).

The local elections need an effective UKIP leader with a vision of the future for the British People.  A vision that will improve the quality of life for the British People.  Obviously, leaving the EU should not be forgotten nor should D. Cameron’s promise, on behalf of the House of Commons and the House of Lords that the British Voter will decide the Leave/Remain outcome.  This promise is being ignored by both Houses of Parliament.

I want to see UKIP survive as initially the Third Political Party; it could easily be the Second Political Party.  I want a UKIP leader who will achieve this.  What do you want, a dead or a living party?

Two main UKIP policies could be ‘Law and Order’ and ‘Education, Education, Education’.  The former is a wide subject and the second is to overcome the failure of Labour to deliver ‘Education, Education, Education’.

Time is not on UKIP’s side.  When Monsieur Barnier stated ‘the clock is ticking’ he was not, like me, referring to UKIP’s existence.  Every day without a Leader with a vision for the future of UKIP is a day nearer the demise of UKIP.  I have now made my decision.

I sincerely hope that Henry Bolton survives the EGM motion in Birmingham.

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