Yesterday the ballot papers were sent out. In four weeks we will know who the next leader of UKIP is. We have now learned that the number of contestants has dwindled from the starting 12 to a manageable half dozen.

There are still some weeks of campaigning to go before the deadline. As the last week has shown, there’s one thing we can be sure of: it won’t be plain sailing, there probably will be some more bombshells going off.

UKIP Daily will not endorse any one candidate. We’re not the MSM who tell their readers what to think and how to vote. If Kippers have one thing in common it’s that they have a fiercely independent mind. Being told by some ‘superiors’ whom to elect will be extremely unhelpful at best, damaging at worst.

There are still hustings to come, and I hope those who attend them will send us their personal observations and reports for us to bundle together and publish. I hope those who cannot attend can find the live streaming videos we’re always promised to see on facebook pages.

If there’s one point I want to emphasise for these last weeks it is this: make up your own minds, but consider, quoting Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector

“in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.”

because the choice you now make may have consequences which are other than what you hope for – certainly for our Party. This election must be about our Party first: to fight successfully for our Country, to achieve the aims which we know to be vital for our Country, we need our Party not as it is today, but reformed, changed back to what made UKIP unique: a huge group of like-minded people who came together to fight for our values, our historical laws and customs.

These customs and values, under threat for a very long time,  have actually been dismantled during the last 25 years, with the ‘help’ of Brussels and the increasingly powerful Globalists, aided and abetted by our educational establishments and our once proud papers and the BBC. It is only thanks to that steady, insidious, daily drip-drip-drip that an alien culture like islam was able to, indeed allowed to, take root in our society.

UKIP, our Party, achieved what none of the old parties did: forced the government of the day to give the people of Great Britain the Referendum to leave the EU, and without us the Brexit vote would not have been won. As we all know – Brexit has not been won as of yet, and our task, seemingly buried under the continuous screechings of the remainiacs, still has not been finished.

UKIP is still needed to fight for the dismantling of the EU Directives which have done so much to destroy our country and countryside, from bird shredders to facilitating floodings because of ‘green crap’, to HS2, to ever diminishing rubbish collections, to ever more unaffordable energy costs for private citizens, to unrestricted immigration.

All those who think that we now have only one enemy to face and to fight, I beseech you: think carefully about what you wish for! Think of the Human Rights Act which has our Judiciary in thrall; think of the ECJ rulings which prevent us from deporting even convicted criminals; think of the latest declaration by the CPS on ‘hate speech’, which they will prosecute.

These are the forces which will hamper, perhaps destroy us as long as Brexit has not been fully achieved. To fight them, and that other pernicious culture, we need a Party that is indeed fit to fight, with a sound structure and sound finances – but how can we do that if we take our eyes off that ball and become a ‘single-issue-party’ while being slowly strangled by EU crap?

You will have read by now that the YI had to cancel their Conference because the Hard Left had been threatening the staff of two hotels and a small business. They objected to one invited speaker, Martin Sellner, one of the leaders of the ‘Defend Europa Campaign’ which was instrumental in stopping the taxi service by the various NGOs ferrying migrants from Libya to Italy. This so-called ‘non-platforming’ is international, the Hard Left and their various organisations are international, well supported financially, and as elsewhere in the world, for example the USA, our police is powerless to get involved, never mind defend Free Speech.

These are the enemies we must stand up to, these are the enemies we must defeat, before we can even think of attacking the allahphant successfully. For that we need our Party to function, to visibly have probity, to be the Party of the people we talk to in pubs, at the school gates, in the shops. We have fought long and hard to show them that we are not as described in the MSM: no cloven hooves, no forked tails, no racists, no bigots. For the sake of our country we must not throw this away.

We must be clear amongst ourselves that we as Party will never be able to fight that allahphant if we first have to fight the hard left every single time we assemble for a meeting, if we have to keep defending ourselves incessantly against their false accusations every time we or our leaders appear in public or on the MSM.

If we want our country back, we must be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves”. We need our Party to be united, reformed, strong, able to work together after September 29th, to provide the platform for all of us from which to do battle.

After all, we do not want to hear on September 30th: “Torquay last stop – the train terminates here – all passengers leave” – do we!


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