Teresa May has betrayed 17.4 million people and they will never forgive her.   She’s like a robber who runs into the bank, holds a pistol to her head, shouting: “Give me the money or I’ll pull the trigger!”

The EU would just sit there, arms folded, smiling: “Go ahead, luv.  We’ll pick up the pieces.”

Here at UKIP Head Office, the phones are ringing off the hook and record numbers are joining online.

When we left here on Friday 6/7/18 there were 200 online memberships to go onto the system.   We came in Monday morning and there were 840 to go on.  Next day there were 1,250.  Despite us bashing away putting them on, there’s still 928 to be added, at the last count.  (I just checked).  In total, more than 2,000 new members have joined since the beginning of June.

That’ll be a combination of betrayed Tories, and the online followers of internet “warriors” like Count Dankula, Sargon of Akkad, and Paul Joseph Watson who all recently joined UKIP.

We are fully expecting a snap election in the Autumn.   The problem is that the Tories will have to have a leadership election (dumping Mrs May) before then calling a snap general election under a new leader.

Ironically, Labour don’t want a general election either.  They just won’t admit it.   They’re very happy for the Tories to take the flak over messing up Brexit.  They don’t want it plonked into their lap.   “Is that a ticking bomb?  May I have it please.”

They don’t want to be responsible for achieving Brexit, because they are equally split.   Corbyn and John McDonnell hate the EU and have voted against it since the 1980s.  But the mass wave of new (young) Labour supporters are pro-EU but lack the brains to realise their demi-god is a secret Brexiteer.

The reason he’s anti-EU is that Brussels will never let him do the Socialist things he wants, such as borrow vast sums of money to splash around like Father Christmas on steroids.

Also, EU competition rules prevent a government giving “State Aid” to its own industries in preference to a foreign firm.  For example, he couldn’t give Appledore Shipyard the contract to build a new Navy destroyer without putting it out to tender to France, Germany, Poland etc.   Corbyn wants to use the State to help British workers, not those from a shipyard in Gdansk.

Gerard Batten is doing a really great job as UKIP Leader.  Things looked pretty dire at the start of 2018, partly thanks to the spectacularly incompetent and totally useless waste of space occupied by Henry Bolton.  But Gerard turned it around in a calm, unflappable way, and we are now on the up.  I’ve said it before…  we are the political lifeboat for everyone fed up with the established parties.  If we didn’t exist, someone would have to invent us.

I often call us the James Bond Party.  They keep trying to kill us off, but somehow, we survive.

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