Recently I received notice that I was entitled  to submit what I considered to be my order of priority in UKIP forward procedure; plus any suggestions of my own.

To date I have received nothing from regional or local chairmen so I am left with using the good offices of UKIP Daily, which hopefully HO office, if they read this organ will accept as my contribution to the debate.

I will omit any order of preference because I have no intimation of what policies are officially under consideration; but I have a few ‘pets’.


It should come as no surprise to regular readers of UKIPD, as I have already written a couple of articles including The Commonwealth a Burning Issue.

I see Brexit as UKIP’s means of recovery of its standing on the global stage, i.e. that its rightful position occupying a permanent founding seat on the Security Council without the drag of our present limiting partner, the EU.

The EU has for a number of years been angling for this to be ceded to their control and I am sure remaining within this ‘permanent care home for elderly failed European nations’ as so monstrously directed by Mr Obama. I’m sure he was not merely continuing normal US policy of destroying the UK as a colonial power, but also his personal reluctance to have this nation operating not as now as a subservient partner but with our full independent right to speak and act as we wished in our own interests.

The object of Brexit is to operate as an unfettered global trading nation and a re-introduction of a friendly partnership with the Commonwealth (who we so evilly treated) is a necessity. I won’t at this point go into the minutiae of logistics and practicality at this moment but I am sure an ongoing association with one-third of the world’s population and 25% of global trade does not have many more potential benefits than being tied to the moribund EU forever has (moribund? – EU percentage of world trade and therefore influence decreasing exponentially).

The fourth industrial revolution

Never heard of it! Nor had I till the other day on Radio 4 Breakfast programme – you know the home of the wreckers where all the conspiracy of Remoaners get as much ‘air time’ (oxygen of publicity) as they demand.

I was listening to a business Remoaner discussing the catastrophe that was going to hit the British North East after breakfast. “Do you know, we’ll lose 100million jobs and the jobs building the wings and engines of Airbus will disappear to the continent?” When the other in the discussion pointed out that we will then revert to building the whole planes as we used to “it’s called the fourth industrial revolution”.

A bit far-fetched I thought, but on reflection why not? We’ve had Mr. Keiser already on UKIPD forecasting the rebirth of the UK merchant shipping industry and the carriage of our increased Commonwealth and worldwide trade. I heard an executive of Rolls Royce before Brexit on Radio 4 pointing out “you ain’t heard nuttin’ yet” about the next nuclear technology they were working on.


The Government, the establishment, the MSM and all opinion-formers must come clean and must stop dodging the issue, stop kicking the can down the road and face the truth.

This country is FULL UP.

It cannot continue to absorb the multitude of all additional comers it has endured from all sources within and without the EU into the foreseeable future when tipping point (more like crisis point) was reached five to 10 years since when Blair instituted his diversity experiment forgetting that increased mouths must be accompanied by the provision of physical services.

Year on year we need new facilities nationwide to cover something like 250,000 additional BODIES per year.

The politicians know this. I remember Mandelson admitting his party were openly touting for immigrants (remember one-legged roofer?) supposedly for some crazy idea called ‘diversity’. Blair was the mad professor conducting this mad orchestra. Yes I call it orchestra – it was indeed orchestrated! Perhaps at the behest of his masters in the EU.

But the NHS is not in continuing crisis for the reason Mrs May gives. I heard her at it the other day on the Andrew Marr programme, claiming it is solely due to the efficacy of the service and people are thus living longer. Of course that is part of the answer; the main reason however is as I have outlined above.

So policywise UKIP must not allow this to be sloughed off into the long grass – the electorate is being deliberately misled.

I have deliberately left the instance of Islamic immigration out of the of the whole saga. Their refusal to integrate into British ethos, customs and practice and their object of the imposition of Sharia law is a wide enough subject for a heading and policy initiative on its own.


I’m afraid that my views on defence may not coincide with many in UKIP and perhaps not on UKIP Daily.

My vision is coloured by the circumstances that led up to the Second World War. I know Churchill was reckoned by some to be a war-monger but we now all know the perils of appeasement. He warned and warned and warned but was not only not listened to but vilified.

To me the best means of defence is attack which means having the best force trained in battle readiness superior to any other forces around and for those forces to be equipped with weaponry superior and more advanced than any other forces around. I have little truck with neutrality or pacifism or capitulation.

I believe all three of our armed services must be ready ALWAYS in unison with NATO and whatever was the replacement for SEATO to put down minor conflagrations at the earliest possible moment before they become major.

So particularly our naval forces should be substantial. They are here not just to occupy and defend the waters around our island but be fully integrated with Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, Indian and others.

Unilateral disarmament must not be pursued under any circumstances and our forces must be realistic fighting forces with proper up-to-date equipment. There was no excuse for shortage of helicopters in Afghanistan; there is no excuse for lack of marine inspection aircraft; there is no excuse for inability to retake the Falklands if necessary.

1998 Barcelona declaration

As I understand it this was an instrument designed by the EU to integrate for trade purposes  the mainly Muslim Southern Mediterranean nations into the practices of the EU. In other words to give them Common Market facilities without formal entry. Unfortunately the original agreement has been extended to in effect “be nice to Islam and Islamic practices” and is the basis of the unchallenged and unchallengable progress to the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate.

UKIP must make repudiation of this document on the day of Brexit.

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