I believe the areas below are crucial in UKIP developing the policies required for a serious political party. I acknowledge they are not costed or scrutinised, but are of the type that the party should consider for debate, to ensure its long term political future.

In my view UKIP cannot survive as a single issue protest group, the free Tommy Robinson focus, while worthy of merit, should not be seen as what we are about. In my view the biggest curse of modern politics is short termism, which is now obsessed with breaking news or tomorrow’s headline, it may take time but I believe there is a huge percentage of the population outside London and the main stream media coverage crying out for well thought out, cost effective policies to deal with these issues in the longer term.

There are radical thinkers/MPs out there that probably are close to believing the Tory party in particular are a lost cause. With Labour now pursuing a Marxist route there is a huge opportunity to set out radical and sensible policies; this might not exist forever, therefore time is of the essence, because the day of the 2 party system may soon break, with both main parties fracturing in different ways. Attracting the radical thinkers and funding, UKIP can adapt policies which none of the current political parties have the guts to adapt, and I believe play the long game when perhaps in the not too distant future its policies become main stream.


UKIP should have a debate which I believe the majority of the electorate are ready for. It must be prepared to face down the BMA (the most reactionary and left wing union since the NUM), Unite, BBC and MSM in general. It should be focused on getting patient care to a world class level, along with cancer survival rates etc, not preserving an outdated model. Some suggestions:

  • Returns nursing to a caring profession abolish the graduate training programme and train on the job. Nurses should be carers not academics.
  • Bring in an outside agency to run HR, currently it is a dept that punishes whistle blowers and rewards time serving time wasters, allowing them to hide behind allegations of bullying when called to account.
  • Bring in an outside agency (supermarket buyers) to purchase all non medical goods initially. If successful move into other areas.
  • Allow Pharmacies to employ doctors to compete with NHS run practices, which now treat patients as a nuisance interruption to their sedentary lives. (GPs are not overworked, my wife worked for some for many years). We are told we are short of doctors; let the private sector employ some, on a fee paying basis if necessary, with access to NHS services or Private Hospitals.
  • Full tax relief should be allowed on Medical Insurance.
  • Move towards a state insurance scheme for medical, late life care and pensions, with a start date for new entrants fixed for the future. Those who contribute should be allowed to spend the fund where they wish.
  • Medical schools to offer entrance exams so that those with a passion for medicine who do not quite meet exam grades have an opportunity to enter the profession.

Law and Order

PCC Commissioners and PCSO to be abolished. Chief Constables to be elected for a fixed term, open to all ranks and military police officers. Their remit should be similar to the Sheriffs in the USA, they would be responsible for all law and order in the constabulary boundary and be allowed to establish law enforcement policy from top to bottom. It would be based on a costed out programme for the term. Fixed costs like building new prisons would come from central funds otherwise they would have full jurisdiction on policing and punishments. This would be paid for out of local taxation, with the electorate made aware of potential costs for the fixed term. If budgets were exceeded by say 5% then re-election would be required. I would also favour a referendum on the return of capital punishment for heinous crimes to individual or state.


The climate change act to be abolished, and all our energy requirements should be based on only 3 criteria a) sustainable b) cost effective c) available 24 hours a day.

All subsidies for wind turbines and solar panels phased out. Hinckley B scrapped. Greenpeace/FofE faced down on Fracking and move towards serious feasibility for our future requirements. Small scale nuclear reactors as used in submarines etc should be looked at for use as required. UKIP should show more concern for those impoverished by high energy costs. How hypocritical it is of Labour politicians in particular not to bring this to the public attention, they have the temerity to fix generators prices while charging VAT on fuel bills and have created an energy policy which sees up to 30% of cost go on green or feed in tariff charges.

Part II of this article will be published in the next few days on UKIP Daily.

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