There is a joke: the definition of a racist is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal. Recently, no other insult has been used as frequently or viciously towards UKIP and its members. It has to be said it is a vicious insult, and few insults carry more venom or have more potential social consequences than being accused publically of being a racist. There are essentially two reasons the left use this insult. Firstly, as they lose the argument on immigration, they must shift the debate from facts to morality. Secondly, racism is such a damaging accusation that even when untrue, it can do great harm to opponents. Let us turn first to the first reason.

Leftists do not live in a reality-based world. They live in a world of ideology and theory and ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’. As a result, they tend to be very uncomfortable with arguments that revolve around observable fact. In debates about immigration they ideologically believe that immigration is good. But when they are shown the facts about the negative impact of mass immigration, they become defensive.  Leftists rarely win arguments based on the facts, as facts are not their currency of choice. Instead, they focus on the alleged moral failings of their opponent:

Yes, this UKIP member might be right about immigration, but because he is a “racist”, even if he is right you should not pay any attention to him because racism is a moral failing. Simply call someone a racist and stamp off with your chin in the air, congratulating yourself on holding the non-racist moral high ground.

Their hope is that if people consider racism to be a serious moral failing, they will not vote for someone with it, even if they believe them to be factually right.

The second reason the left accuse people of racism is because they know it is damaging to opponents, even when untrue. In North London, Labour Councillor Pauline Gibson faced disciplinary action after repeatedly accusing opponents of racism, claims which were described by investigators as ‘unfair’ and ‘unreasonable’.

The left have had their own way for a generation in Britain on so many issues, from softening the justice system to allowing uncontrolled immigration. They don’t like the fact that for the first time in a generation, UKIP have come on the scene and genuinely shaken the left’s previous unchallenged power. Bullies in positions of power don’t like resistance because they fear that rebellion might spread. As Ben Shapiro describes in his excellent book ‘Bullies’, leftists have a lightening quick tendency to resort to vicious bully tactics towards people who stand up to them. They will spread rumours about you on the internet. They will spy on your social media. They will call your job and demand they sack the ‘racist’ they employ. They will harass your business with boycotts and vandalism. They may even physically attack you.

UKIP members have been on the receiving end of this bullying from leftists. A UKIP member was sacked from his position as a school governor due to leftist bullying about him being a ‘racist’. UKIP MEP for London Gerard Batten had a brick thrown through his window. UKIP offices have had hazardous materials like blood and faeces sent to them. Calling someone a racist is a form of bullying, but the left enjoy doing it because they want to harm UKIP members and ruin their lives. How dare you oppose our leftist schemes! How dare you stand up to our policies! How dare you question us! You will pay for that! It has been suggested by some that leftists have very high rates of sadism and take a genuine pleasure from harming others.

The left also have hair-trigger sensitivity to what they consider racism to be. For example, a government-funded agency said that toddlers could be investigated for racism if they disliked foreign food. In America, a leftist recently claimed that a white person asking her to move her bag from a seat so he could sit down “encapsulates the breadth of the battle against racism we have to fight in this country”. In the 1980s, the infamous ‘loony left’ councils began purging children’s songs. The problem with this hair-trigger racism is it lowers the bar for what racism is or isn’t, confuses the public and makes fighting genuine racists that much harder.

The irony is that whilst the left repeatedly falsely accuse UKIP of racism, the left do a fine trade in genuine racism themselves. We had arch-leftist Diane Abbott pedal views bordering on racial conspiracy theories about how white people play divide and rule (). Former Nation Union of Mineworkers official and Labour MP for Wansbeck Ian Lavery was happy to pose for a photograph with his son in racist black-face make up.

Labour’s Liz McInnes won the Heywood & Middleton by-election with help from ex-BNP member Trevor Maxfield. In June 2014, Maureen Stowe, a former BNP councillor in Burnley, was welcomed in to the Labour Party. The Labour Party tweeted pics of UKIP’s half-Turkish MEP Tim Aker next to a picture of Turkish Delight chocolate. It is ironic that the left howl about racism when they have such a casual attitude to it within their own ranks. The list goes on, a good summary of which is provided by Jonathan Arnott, UKIP MEP for North East.

Let us be clear. Racism is morally wrong, which is why cheapening it through over use and unwarranted accusation is so damaging. UKIP has done more than any other party to keep racists out, and then discipline them when discovered. No force in British politics has done more than UKIP to destroy the genuinely racist BNP by giving voters concerned about immigration a non-racist vote to express their concerns. UKIP won a higher percentage of the ethnic minority vote in the 2014 European elections than the Conservative Party. Yet despite these facts, the left continue their shameful and untrue accusations against UKIP. We must stand up to them.

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