I started listing the reasons why we wanted to leave the EU in Part I, and continue from where I left off:

d) We want control of our own laws, we do not want to be subservient to the ECJ, we do not wish to continue to stay in an organisation which eventually would require us to fully adopt the European Corpus Juris system of law at the expense of our law derived from Magna Carta (one of the essential tenets is that we have Habeas Corpus; the miscreant must be charged or released during a period of days whereas in the Continental System he/she/it has no such rights and can languish for many months in quod, without appearance in court, nor ability to research and prepare an adequate defence).

e) We dislike belonging to an organisation which does not have its accounts “signed off” for many years and yet continues to abstract contributions from us on an apparently ad hoc basis without question or redress.

f) We take notice of how the Cypriots and Greeks have been so shamelessly treated, robbed in a gangster like manner of their coin and assets through a system of what reminds one of Kangaroo courts.

g) We learned to distrust the intent and words of our own government in their slavish adherence and interpretation of EU law and legislation to their own ends and not to the well being of their people or businesses.

h) We did actually agree with Mr.Cameron’s fear and suspicion of the EU’s aspiration of the formation of a fully integrated “United States of Europe”, while he didn’t enunciate all the reasons why this nation shouldn’t be part of this great enterprise, it was probably because he couldn’t “sell” it to his own party, never mind an interested electorate who had been denied a referendum when Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon treaty (and for which incidentally, he, Cameron, had given a cast iron guarantee he would give a referendum).

Whatever, full integration would have been in some opinions (treasonably?) forever and might therefore have continued our prevention from conducting our own International affairs in our own manner and particularly the ceding of our permanent seat on the Security Council, which the EU was scheming to take from us and thus the complete loss of our independent standing in world affairs, which was simultaneously being influenced by multi nationals and spurious trade deals like TTIP with its iniquitous plans to supersede national rules and courts with its own self run tribunals (please note it will be unacceptable to participate in any trade deals which try to impose similar terms signed post Brexit).

j) We were particularly upset that President Obama, at the invitation of Mr.Cameron, chose to interfere in our domestic referendum (in my opinion just as heinous as Russia`s supposed ventures into US Cyber space and the enhancement of Mr.Trump`s prospects – overt or covert; comes to the same in the end). I can understand Mr. Obama’s desire to look after his country’s own interests – the UK’s desire to step back on the world stage and link up with the Commonwealth, not only refostered that nation’s policy of ridding us of our colonial assets, friends, kindred and past, but made him realise we were a threat to his assumption of exclusivity and we would be one more challenger to muddy the waters on that pitch, that was why he bade us “get back in our box” – you know the one, “The Care home for Elderly failed European Nations” – safe but impotent and subject to the schlerotic whims of their totalitarian masters.

k) As the “wandering minstrel” sang, “my catalogue is long……….” as indeed is this one of the reasons to remember why we wanted to leave the EU and obviously there are many more which could be mentioned and haven`t got a look in here.

But………..finally I would like to reiterate the distrust there was between the electorate and their representatives, which was epitomised by Mr.Cameron`s “deal or no deal” which he had stitched up with his EU master`s connivance and barefacedly presented to the Nation as some marvelous deal with marvelous, never to be forgotten or bettered concessions and take us for a set of fools.

As they say “you can fool the people some of the time, but you can`t fool all of them all the time”


I said `finally`, but there is just one more thing!

Why me? I said personally, but my referendum campaign was backed up by a big Beast defecting from the Conservative party, take a look at an article he wrote in the Daily Torygraph Tuesday 26th April 2016 – After 40 years of EU lies, I`ve had enough, so complained  Michael Ancram, Marquess of Lothian former chairman and deputy leader of the Conservative party and shadow Foreign Secretary.


“While I admire and love the US, the spectacle of its president seeking to persuade me and my fellow countrymen to sell ourselves out of  national existence finally persuaded me as someone who still believes in Britain that I had no honest option but to vote to leave.

I wasn`t surprised by Mr.Obama`s strong opposition  to the concept of Brexit. For all my political life it has been America`s wish to see the historic nations of Europe fade into a single European entity, a single voice that could then more easily be persuaded to do its bidding.

There is nothing dishonourable in pursuing one`s country`s interests. What was offensive and counterproductive was for Mr.Obama to present it  as being out of concern for the interests of the British people. It was not, and is not..

The President`s disingenuousness is only the latest in a string of mendacious tactics adopted by the Remain campaign, as they have been overtaken by panic, their lies have flown thicker and thicker., but for 40 years now we have been lied to about the EU and I have had enough”


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