If you want to give yourself a reason to re-focus, treat yourself to a look at “The Wright Stuff” on Channel 5. I just have and it didn’t take me more than five minutes into the programme to start wanting to throw things at the screen; what was going on would more “wrightly” have been called  “Wrightly Stuff and Nonsense”, portrayed in the characteristic malicious and clever-clever arch manner he reserves for us semi-intelligent morons whom he assumes hang on his every dripping word.

I know this particular item was about a newspaper report that some parents were refusing to let their children be taught about Islam, on which he launched a tirade about the “infinitesimal few” extremists within that august and venerated Islamic faith present in this country – no mention of our present policy for the removal of Sharia Law and with it the wholesale control and abuse of many Muslim women, not only through the formality of Sharia Law, but the adherence to the brainwashing effect of that religion.

In fact, I would not just single out “that religion”, but any religion. I would draw the attention of readers to a book which I chanced upon: “Slaves of the Gods” written in 1929 by Katherine Mayo. I won’t go into detail, but it is a short collection of factual stories regarding Indian women of the  Hindu faith, child marriages, Sutti and their confinement behind closed doors and walls. All these were disallowed by British inspired laws, but still persisted through adherence to their religion caused by, as I call it. “brainwashing” (slavish adherence to religion even in the face of obvious  physical and mental abuse which into the bargain is illegal in the host country).

Anyway, that`s all by the by, but it did provoke the thought that many of us and a substantial portion of our population had forgotten why we originally wanted and voted to leave the EU, many of us through long or late conviction, but flying in the face of a torrid Government inspired “Fear” campaign. I know that many of the fears have been largely discovered to be unfounded, and yet there are those who still seek to muddy our minds and certainly the political waters in order to reverse the verdict. (Another form of brain-washing?).

For each of us this is essentially a personal issue, but I think reflection is a necessary task prior to re-focusing and in some cases re-setting some policies. I am not going to enumerate exactly what must be reset, but I hope that by writing down here the way “I saw it” it might help to clarify mine and other’s fading memory, and with it re-firm and affirm our determination to see Brexit through to a total/hard/complete or whatever way you call its successful conclusion, where we are finally shut of every vestige of EU slavery, i.e. we regain our full Sovereignty in every respect!

As I said, it is personal.

My wife and I met in 1961, when I was a Purser in the Merchant Navy, we wrote to each other regularly she was full of questions one of which was “what do you think of this Common Market business” I thought the World Government plans were interesting, but only in the context of a 200 year implementation period, but we were both in agreement that what was proposed for the Commonwealth was the critical factor and we therefore were anti the whole plan.

We wed in 1966, UK joined the Common Market in 1972 and we voted in the 1975 referendum, my wife against, but me daft enough to be hoodwinked that it was “only a common market – no loss of sovereignty and all that etc”. I’m not sure of the dates, but my wife cried the day Maggie Thatcher signed the Single Market Act; she could see the way things were going, and around that time I spoiled my GE ballot paper by scrawling across it “NO NO NO to EU”

From then on we both started to vote UKIP and we were much helped in our thoughts by a certain Kilroy in his BBC morning programme.

Finally in November 2009 we joined UKIP as the “Last Hope” or the “Only Hope”, this was before Gordon Brown had signed the Lisbon Treaty. The day he did UKIP ceased to be just a “Protest” collection of fruitcakes and closet racists, although that soubriquet didn`t finally disappear until those seminal events in Bradford when it became apparent we were sane, and what’s more had been telling the truth all along. This was the Party’s watershed moment – we came of age as a genuine political party and, what’s more, entitled to be armed with the clout of speaking for and having the grassroot population behind us.

Now I am back to “remembering why we left the EU”, because it was those grassroots people we inspired to vote LEAVE and who we must rely on to take the next step and take full advantage of the freedom we have won from this awful EU, by helping us at local (grassroots) cross party level to help us get the EU out of our system: the EU “Think”, the brainwashing, the lies,the disinterest of our elected parliamentary central government whose only real connection with us is as voting fodder tied to their narrow vision and agenda of governance by an elite junta on a global basis. It must be seen that UKIP can only provide the basis for this bottom up platform as the only previously untainted coterie of failed legacy politicians and their EU masters.

So then, why did we want to leave the EU?

a) We wanted our full Sovereignty back.

b) We wanted to be able to control our borders and the number of immigrants from all sources; our nation is “full up” in such manner that it is unable (or unwilling) to provide services all people – incomers or native – are entitled to without strain: schools, hospitals, GP surgeries etc.

c)We want sole control of our water boundaries, in that our fishing industry can re-establish itself without  the incursions of illegal foreign vessels.

(To be continued with more points in Part II – don’t miss it!)

Photo by leasqueaky

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