It is transparently obvious that Nick Clegg was on the back foot today when he described UKIP as unpatriotic. Paul Sykes had just made his offer of up to £4.5 million to our European Elction campaign war chest, and well, the only time his party has ever received a fraction of that it was from the now convicted fraud steer Michael Brown. So when the question of UKIP’s good fortune came up he unthinkingly and bitterly lashed out.

It was a very odd attack, and one that he will come to regret deeply. Nobody in UKIP doubts his patriotism after all. Mr Clegg is, we know, a deeply sincere patriot, to a country called Europe. He believes that The UK would be better served as a province governed from Brussels. His beliefs are heartfelt and honourable. We in UKIP beg to differ. We believe that our country is best governed when it is governed of behalf of the people who live here, by a government that can be removed democratically by the people of our country.

We also believe our views are shared by most in this country. He should have learned from the attacks on Ed Milliband’s father a rounded and committed Marxist how drought with danger claiming an opponent is unpatriotic can be. After all, because he doesn’t agree with us doesn’t make him unpatriotic. Just wrong.

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