I was shocked and appalled, like most UKIPPERs, that Nigel Farage conceded that a second EU Referendum could be held. He made his comments on the Wright Stuff daytime TV show on January 11th 2018, and it caused such a backlash that he spent the rest of the day backtracking on what he had said.


What he actually said on the TV show was that, “Maybe, just maybe, we should have a second Referendum”. Later Nigel qualified that to explain that he does not want a second referendum but that it might happen anyway, and we need to be prepared.


He has been in this business a long time, he would have known how the media would seize on this statement. However he tries to qualify what he said, the damage is done.  The Remainers will now throw his statement back in the faces of every Leaver who appears in the media – “But even Nigel Farage said there should be a second referendum”!  Just like the idiotic ‘£350 million for the NHS’ on the side of the Vote Leave bus which is still thrown back at us, even though we never said it.


I don’t often agree with David Cameron but I did agree with what he said in his Chatham House speech just before the Referendum:


“It will be your decision whether to remain in the EU on the basis of the reforms we secure or whether we leave. Your decision, nobody else’s’: not politicians, not Parliament, not lobby groups, not mine. Just you, the British people will decide.

“And it will be the final decision. To those who suggest that a decision in the Referendum to leave will merely produce another stronger renegotiation and a second Referendum in which Britain could stay, I say, think again.

“The renegotiation is happening right now and the Referendum that follows will be a once in a generation choice, an in or out Referendum. When the British people speak their voice will be respected not ignored. If we vote to leave then we will leave, there will not be another renegotiation and another Referendum.”


Having been armed with David Cameron’s unequivocal position on the legitimacy of the Referendum we are now saddled with Nigel Farage’s equivocation.


Just as I predicted, the outcome of the Leave vote has been subjected to a relentless campaign by the Remainers and our political class to prevent the Leave decision being implemented. UKIP’s policy since the Referendum has been to make the Government uphold the result and see it implemented. To do that UKIP needs to be an electoral threat once again.


Just so that everyone knows: Nigel Farage did not discuss his suggestion of a second Referendum with anyone before making it: not the Leader, not the MEPs, or even the UKIP or EFDD press officers. He does not speak for UKIP. He was speaking entirely for himself.


UKIP’s task, now made that much more difficult, is to demand a complete and unencumbered exit from the EU, and for the historic vote of 26th June 2016 to be implemented.

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