Date and location
2 June 2018, Epsom Club, Church Rd, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4PW

Toby Micklethwait  (chairman); Patricia Mountain (East Sussex); Ian Garbutt (treasurer); Philip Wray (E.Sussex); Nicole Bushill (Kent); Ben Fryer (Kent, guest); Mike Glennon (W. Sussex); Tony Blewett (Hants); Beverley Roberts (Berks); Helena Windsor (Surrey); John Wallace (office of Ray Finch MEP); Gerald Gravett (SE Regional Officer); Kevin Wise (outgoing treasurer); Alan Craig (Families & Children Spokesman, Guest speaker); Redvers Cunningham (newspaper editor, guest)

Jim Stanley (vehicle breakdown); Roger Arthur (holiday); Gerard Batten (Lewisham).

Progress reports
See our April 2018 progress report.


In future we plan to distribute progress reports to all members in the South East using Mail Chimp.

Chairman’s report
We shall be speaking to senior members of Young Independence about collaboration.

Treasurer’s report
Our previous treasurer, Kevin Wise, has passed all records to our new treasurer, Ian Garbutt.

Regional officer’s report
Work continues on the DNO (Delegated Nominating Officer) system.   Needs of counties will vary; some want a DNO in every branch; others want just two DNOs in the county.

County reports
East Sussex reported a disciplinary problem that has caused friction.   The need to resolve this was clarified on Saturday 2 June. By the end of Monday 4 June UKIP Central had resolved the whole matter.

Policy / message / newspaper content
Gerard Batten, our leader, had planned to attend the following discussion and then “give political direction”, but in the event attended the Lewisham East by-election instead.

Policy / individuals’ ideas
A paper is being written on cannabis.

A paper is being written on the root causes of terrorism – imam training, funding of mosques in the UK etc.

We need to win seats or we will achieve nothing.  The public think that Brexit is done. We need a new battering ram.  British security. Britain is under attack. BritSec should include many radical policies, e.g. armed police and internment of terrorist suspects.

All the above ideas will be suggested to the appropriate policy supremos.

After the meeting the Secom chairman, without Secom having discussed the matter, suggested to the Party Chairman that every policy supremo should have a stall at conference … so that members can communicate;   and to aid the recruitment of policy working groups.

Newspaper / discussion of content
We must differ from mainstream parties; what we propose must be achievable and must be presented with pride, passion and belief.

Short, sharp bullet points.  The 2015 manifesto is still relevant.

Not red, yellow or blue top! It should be purple top! We must stay distinctive; should feature the uncontrolled population increase and the effect on infrastructure.

Newspapers are a good idea, useful for local commuter stations; short and concise content in small sections.

Content must not age over approx. 3 months. There should be 3 or 4 major national topics, e.g.:  Brexit betrayal (noting the recent ‘Carry On Brussels’ documentary where LibDem MEP Catherine Bearder and A C Grayling were urging Guy Verhofstadt to make Brexit as difficult as possible for us);  and policies to revive UK farming and fishing on Brexit.

The content should deal with tough topics but in language which will induce a warm feeling in those who vote UKIP.

Newspaper / discussion of method
The chairman reported:  Over 11 years Surrey has, by trial and error, and by taking advice from experts, developed a method of producing newspapers.   We have considered four or eight pages, We have considered including adverts. We have considered the dates of printing, and dates of distribution.   In 2007 we proposed a neutral title and logo and Clive Page kindly but firmly explained why that was a really bad idea. In 2007-c2009 we tried having the editor working under a sub-committee.  It did not work. Our thoughts and conclusions are encapsulated in a manual, available on request.

Other regions:    Secom’s  newspaper will be available in electronic form to other regions in August 2018.  Regions may instruct Imax what changes they want. Imax will get the printing done and invoice the appropriate region.    Pallet max for an 8 page newspaper is 40,000. Several regions are interested.

Guest Speaker: Alan Craig, UKIP Families and Children Spokesman
We should have the courage to go into non-PC areas.

Whilst he does not wish to condemn those who choose a different lifestyle, or have no option, due, for example, to bereavement, research shows that the best way to bring up children is with committed birth parents. Current benefit rules still allow situations where unmarried couples qualify for considerably more than married couples. Alan  proposes removing the marriage benefit penalties and promoting marriage through an increased marriage allowance.

Labour run councils did nothing to tackle grooming gangs, preying on young, vulnerable girls, sometimes for decades. In the local elections UKIP delivered a hard hitting leaflet highlighting this. We should not be afraid to stand up for proper police action to end the scandal of grooming gangs although we will be vilified for it due to the very specific religion and ethnicity of a high proportion of them.

Conference stall:
Geoff Cox (Mole Valley, Surrey) will prepare and manage the SECOM stall at conference, (September 2018, ICC Birmingham).

Next meeting
We have now debated policy and message,   The autumn newspaper appears to be securely in place,

At the next meeting (September 2018) we plan to put in place our methods related to social media and websites.

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