If you were in London on Saturday for the big pro-Brexit rally, you probably felt as if the world was watching. But it wasn’t … because there was a virtual news blackout by the BBC, SKY, Channel 4 etc.  All of their EU/Soros backed deception was focused on the Remoaner fest just a few hundred yards away and now 90% of people in Britain believe the disgusting lies that ‘thousands marched against Brexit’ and there was no huge march for Brexit:


How could the BBC miss this?

Some of us could see this coming, which is why I asked a number of good UKIP people to back me with a punchy UKIP poster truck.

UKIP’S TANK ON THE BBC’S LAWN! I was onboard the truck in central London on Friday and Saturday. Friday lunchtime we parked it right outside the BBC in Regent Street (see the photos here). The facial expressions said it all: ‘how dare you park a 30 foot UKIP poster truck outside our Brussels HQ in London’. But we saw plenty of visible support, particularly in the City, they’re smarter!

We had two posters, one each side. On the ‘pavement side’ we had the ‘bad loser’ theme, which was bolder. On the other side, we made the point that arguments about trade were a smokescreen. Not my best design, it’s tricky to explain in few words. But I’m sure the message got through to many people: the treacherous British/Soros establishment are stitching us up.

HIT THEM WHEN THEY LEAST EXPECT IT. The poster attack on the Friday before the big marches, was seen and photographed by thousands of working people on the streets of London and caught our enemies with their pants down. Before I left home on Saturday morning for Round Two, the posters had appeared in news reports in Toronto, Canada and Perth, Western Australia! But not in the British press of course.

SATURDAY – PANDEMONIUM! On Saturday, as the pro-Brexit march was being kettled and manipulated by police near Victoria station, the poster truck was ordered to stay at the back of the march, whereas originally, we were told we would be at the front. This was a stab in the back, those posters at the head of the march would have been stunning. So we devised Plan B: get our truck right into ‘Remain’ territory on the other side of Westminster. This is the beauty of mobile posters, you can change tactics.

FACE TO FACE WITH REMOANERS! I didn’t originally want to go face to face with Remoaners, they can get very nasty and our driver was clearly worried at a brick coming through the windscreen. I was too but we had a beefy security man, so off we went. We went round and round the narrow streets of Westminster, right up to the police barriers. Remoaners were everywhere, easy to spot in groups with their pathetic EU flags and ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ badges.

Using our excellent PA system I started blasting them with “Bad luck Remoaners, you lost the Referendum, two years ago in fact, that’s how democracy works, so stop your whining and accept the result. 1.26 million more people voted to leave the EU, that’s almost 8% more. You lost. Tough but true, there won’t be a second referendum. If you like the EU so much, you can always move to Brussels! And remember, Switzerland is by far the richest, safest, cleanest country in Europe and they’re not in the EU, that’s because they’re not stupid!”

Now, that Farage style barrage caused some interesting reactions! Some got stroppy and gave us two fingers, a few proper nutjobs came up to the van and banged it, some shouted abuse and came up to the window, only to be laughed off by our beefy security man. But what I noticed a lot was that most Remoaners are a sad looking bunch, like very old Liberals and once-revolutionaries, quite a lot of them looked beaten by just a few well chosen words. Our security man said: “they all look so miserable, our lot are all smiles”.

But we also got a lot of cheers and thumbs ups from other people in Remain territory. Some really lovely people, young and old, came up to the truck and said ‘well done, we voted to Leave’!

We carried on getting our message out. On the final loop, we stopped outside several pubs on the ‘Brexit side’ with people spilling out across the pavements, we got huge cheers and support. Our driver had a train to catch, so we dropped him at Victoria and I took over. We did several loops of Clapham and Wandsworth before returning the truck to the depot. Thousands of people saw our posters!

LESSONS LEARNED: …now prepare for some straight talking! But first, a massive Thank You to the people who backed this project with cash. And swiftly, we raised over £2000 in 24 hours!

1) NB. This poster truck initiative didn’t come from UKIP seniors, HQ or any MEPs. They think that the occasional Tweet will save Britain, Brexit and UKIP. (“How many MEPs does it take to send an email?”) They haven’t a clue how to fight or get a message out. Most of our MEPs are ineffective, have given up, gone native or all three.

2) The march wasn’t a UKIP march. It was a mish=mash of groups, with similar but different messages. Saturday was Independence Day, celebrating two years since the referendum – but apart from some UKIP flags, there were no compelling, convincing, strong slogans, apart from ‘Screw EU’ on small MBGA banners. Why on earth didn’t UKIP organise proper, big banners? And why weren’t UKIP members informed two weeks before to prepare properly? I also learned some new things for next time which I won’t mention here.

3) The UKIP ‘management’ just don’t get it: marches, rallies and conferences (“UKIP Conferences are a waste of time and money”) are only any use if they are filmed, photographed and re-broadcast properly afterwards. Making fine speeches in closed spaces to the party faithful serves little purpose. Dragging people across the country for a moan-in is a waste of time, effort and money, money that could be better spent on poster trucks, website and newspapers (“UKIP Newspapers are Grrrrreat”).

4) The first, most basic, Mickey Mouse simple thing that UKIP must do is start a weekly, well written summary of what’s going on, in UKIP and in Brexit, emailed to members every Friday. If we can’t do that, we really are a bunch of fruitcakes.


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