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1990 – 1997

In-fighting within the party over membership of what was becoming a Federal Europe eventually brought Margaret’s downfall and John Major replaced her in November 1990.  Margaret had such an autocratic way that either you admired her or you hated her, but I don’t know of an instance when she lied to electorate.

John Major with the backing of his Europhile cabinet proceeded with negotiations with the European Community and in February 1992 signed the Maastricht Treaty, without offering a referendum to the people of this nation.  He and his government told the country that it was a tidying up exercise and didn’t need a referendum;  that it would not affect our sovereignty.  He lied.

John Major managed to get re-elected for another term but it was a lacklustre time and his promise make parliament a beacon of honesty and an example to the nation backfired as MP after MP was scandalised and driven from office.


1997 – 2007

Together with the on-going split in the party over membership of what was now the European Union he lost the next election in May 1997 to Tony Blair.  Now Tony had this buddy called Gordon Brown who was made Chancellor of the Exchequer.  His first significant act was to give to the Bank of England the control of interest rates to supposedly stop forever the cycle of boom and bust.

This was deemed a stroke of genius but I was worried that as the housing market had been controlled by means of interest rates that this would lead to runaway house prices.  This is what happened and led to the biggest bust since the 1920’s.

Gordon Brown also decided that we didn’t need all that gold in the treasury so he dumped it on the market.  A huge amount was sold off at a little over £200 an ounce.  Since then its price has soured for a time to over £1000 an ounce.  Is this the work of a genius?

Gordon Brown then started the ongoing raid on the private sector pension pots to the tune of £5B per annum. As the value of these started to decline in value he had the nerve to tell the baby-boomers they must save more for their retirement.  At the same time he continued to use taxpayers’ money to add 14% to public sector workers pension pots.

As a result of the General Dental Services contract many dentists left NHS service to the detriment of the nation.  Having got that wrong they negotiated with the Doctor’s and offered them much better working conditions, just 9-5 with no out-of-hours cover and a massive pay increase.  The doctors were delighted and we now have an A&E crisis as  only the  NHS cover out of hours.

Tony Blair and his cabinet sexed up a document on the case to go to war in Iraq principally for regime change.  As events have proved, there were no weapons of mass destruction, so there was no justification for it. Under the International Law as laid down by the United Nations it is illegal to invade another country just for regime change.  The war was without foundation and was illegal.  Nevertheless Tony Blair took us to war in Afghanistan also.

The Labour government also believed that a true socialist society should embrace all cultures and that massive immigration would bring multiculturalism and a growing workforce.  They also wanted to use this to rub the noses of traditional Conservatives who championed the white English mono-culture.

To achieve a general levelling of the population, in a move towards real socialism they modified teaching and assessment to make it easier to achieve necessary O and A levels and to go to university.  Soft subjects blossomed at universities and the aim was to get 50% of youngsters with degrees.  Of course this has led to the crazy situation of not enough graduate jobs and those who have degrees often NOT being well educated.



Tony Blair was ousted as Prime Minister in 2007 by Gordon Brown and his supporters and Alistair Darling became Chancellor.  The financial year 2007-2008 was quite good with only the usual £35B overspend.  The following year the government overspend more than doubled and the following year it hit £158B.  Sadly this was money paid to the benefit system and to the NHS so it was structural, not one-off.  Easy to put on, almost impossible to get rid of.

In 2008 the Climate Change Act became law.  It would provide massive subsidies to uneconomic renewable energy generation, at the same time as loading carbon reduction taxation on fossil fuel generation stations and directly adding green taxes to consumer electricity bills.  Furthermore it made it illegal to build any new coal fired power stations without including carbon dioxide capture and storage.

Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty in 2009, without offering a referendum to the people of this nation.  It was hailed as another tidying up exercise that wouldn’t change our sovereignty because most of which it contained was already in place.  He and they lied.



It had all gone wrong again under Labour and the only path would be austerity.  The coalition government of Conservative and Liberal is what resulted in 2010.  Interest rates are now at an all time low and the baby-boomers now get no useful income from their life savings.

As the majority worked in the private sector their pensions, having being milked since 1997 by the government to more than £55B, were now a fraction of they would have been.  Now our children cannot afford a deposit on a house and need a small fortune to go to university.  The baby boomers having funded the pensions of the previous generation are now funding our children.  We have become the piggy in the middle generation.

The new coalition partners then reneged on the main issues that had earned them their votes.  David Cameron said it was not now the time to hold the referendum on which he had given a cast iron guarantee.  The Liberals dropped their opposition to an increase in university tuition fees.  They cannot be trusted to do what they promise!


Domesday scare

During the 1970’s the environmentalists were proclaiming a coming ice age, but no one took any notice.  Then they declared that the occasional droughts were a sign of the future and water would become more expensive than petrol.  Then we had years of floods.  Then it was noticed that the Arctic ice was gradually receding so they declared that it would soon be totally ice free.  Since then it has come and gone several time and in 2014 is at an all time high level of ice.

Then someone created the Hockey stick graph by use of a clever computer algorithm and specially selected samples of tree ring data that gave the wanted result that the earth was warming and that carbon dioxide was the culprit.  Since then all tenured western scientists have professed a belief in global warming in order to secure funding.  The champion of this new religion has been the Hadley Centre at the University of East Anglia supported by the Metrological office.  I am sure they know the truth but are lying to us to gain funding.

Since 1995 they have been trying and succeeding in hiding what is actually steadily declining global temperatures, though the best they can achieve by doctoring the data is that there has been no warming since then.  CO2 levels have steadily risen from a debatable concentration of 0.025% part of the atmosphere in the 1850’s to 0.04% of the atmosphere today.  The actual increase supposedly due to mankind is a whopping 0.0003% increase per annum.

The UN IPCC that drives this message worldwide is not made of thousands of scientists worldwide.  It is made up of a few dozen environmental scientists and thousands of environmental activists who are distorting science to demonise CO2.


The situation now

Evidence exists to show the global temperature closely follows sunspot activity but this cannot be acknowledged as it would destroy the environmental cause. Clearly CO2 is not the driver of global temperature, CO2 is not a pollutant, and most of the World’s scientists know this.  Instead of the UK becoming a beacon of environmental prudence it is rapidly becoming a beacon of environmental fanaticism.

Governments like the idea of carbon dioxide being a pollutant because it gives them licence to raise massive amounts of taxation.  What better argument for taxation can there be than to save the planet.  They need the money to fund the impossibly expensive NHS, and to provide unsustainable welfare, and to fight foreign wars.

The Guardian reading teaching profession is all the while force-feeding the propaganda of climate change and the evils of CO2 to a whole new generation of people. It is these who will carry the environmental religion and belief forward in decades to come.

All while this has been going on, the legislation, regulations, and directives have kept pouring down on business and private lives from the European Union.  There are many ramifications from these but most recently is the cessation of dredging of the Somerset Levels to enhance wild life, but at the expense of all the population and farming in the area.

There is now no part of our lives that has not been affected by micromanagement with menaces from the EU, and the effect of climate change regulations and taxes.


I want none of the above

There is one party that I do trust to keep its promise on a referendum on membership of the EU to seek a return to sensible UK parliamentary democracy. This is the only party that questions the environmental altar of climate change. That is why I, and a vast people’s army of the baby boom generation and many others, will be voting UKIP from now on.

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