This last week has been an unmitigated news disaster for UKIP with the storm around the South Basildon and East Thurrock constituency. There have been the 3 possible candidates: Natasha Bolter, Neil Hamilton and Kerry Smith, and those who have been sucked into the resulting media mess: Roger Bird and David Soutter. I do not intend to dwell on this other than asking why we added to this on our own party’s website when the MSM was already doing a good enough job?

Instead, why aren’t we focusing on the unmitigated disasters that are unfolding around the Coalition Government’s dying days, and the emerging campaigns of LibLabCon? Let me give you a taste of what is possible.

Here’s the first. Oil prices have dropped 40% this year whilst petrol prices have only dropped by around 6% in this country. Now, we all know that tax accounts for about 60% of the retail price, of that 16.7% is the VAT which is proportional to the price but the fuel duty element is fixed. Allowing for that means prices should have dropped by 20%. This means that “Big Oil” is being given an easy ride by “Big Government” and ratcheting up their profits at our expense.

Or we could try to evoke the sympathy vote for the other end of the mass immigration story – the deleterious impact on the countries losing all those people, like Poland.

Then what about David Cameron’s insane desire for Turkey to join the EU as reported here. Let’s put aside any cultural differences for the moment, and just consider the economics of it. In 2013, the EU’s average GDP per capita was USD 34,500. The UK’s was around USD 37,000. Turkey’s is around USD 10,500. There are lower GDPs within the EU already, such as Bulgaria and Romania but Turkey’s current population is heading for 77 million, whereas their combined population is only 27 million. We are already on the losing end of the EU financially, Turkey would just make it worse.

Sticking with the EU, our contributions to the EU are being used to fund all sorts of crackpot, and frankly corrupt, schemes. There’s the 9 Billion being used to improve Romania’s transport infrastructure… when the population is shrinking, every year since 1990, now around 15% lower than then. And now the latest scheme in Poland, as reported by Reuters: EU funds help Poland build ‘ghost’ airports. Wheareas in Britain our London airports run at 99% maximum capacity, and the slightest glitch… an inch of snow or a half-hour Air Traffic computer failure has an effect that lasts for days. There are one hour traffic jams on the M25 going past Heathrow, almost every day as well. Complete madness!

Then there is Stephen Nickell, a publicly-funded quangocrat telling the world that Britain has ‘masses of room’ for more migrants. There might be quite a lot of green fields that could be built on, yes, but what about the roads, railways, schools, hospitals and other public services we seem to able to ill-afford right now, despite George Osborne’s so-called economic miracle? And how does the press treat UKIP over this? OK, the Express is good to us, but just take a look at this in the Mirror!

Yes, Nigel blaming immigrants for his traffic jam was perhaps an over-simple answer, as it’s a complex subject. It is not necessarily the immigrants directly who cause the jams, but a government minister has admitted the reason they want so many houses built in the Home Counties (Hampshire slated to increase population by 300K-500K, for example) is to accommodate “white flight” from London. And what do these people do? A lot of them will still work in the centre of London (more rail commuters) or on the periphery of London (more people using the M4,M25, M3 etc. etc.) No doubt this pattern is being repeated around the other metropolitan cities.

And take a look at this video of David Miliband explaining why he joined the UN’s International Rescue Committee on a salary of 300K. And now he wants to return to UK politics as yet another champagne socialist. On the video, he refers to his parents coming to our shores as immigrants so he “understands” how traumatised such people could be. Yet, this is the same man who could well be implicated in knowing about Britain’s involvement  in the CIA torture of terrorist suspects. The hypocrisy of Labour has no bounds.

Turning to the news today, Labour’s anti-UKIP election strategy has been leaked, as reported in the Telegraph: “Labour immigration document: shadow cabinet claims it was unaware of leaked advice to candidates.” This is political gold dust, UKIP should be hammering them on this, as their position is utterly indefensible. And, just in case you haven’t had a chance to look at it, here’s the offending document.

These are the kinds of issues we must focus on, they are the issues that will enable UKIP to win dozens of Westminster seats in May, and hundreds of Council seats. We must take the fight to LibLabCon, to keep pointing out the fallacies of their arguments, right until the 7th of May next year

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