As we move into the seventh month after the momentous vote on the 23rd June 2016, some would claim that as our independence day, where are we now?

Ukip has, to be truthful, since the resignation of Nigel been through the ringer. It is well documented and evidenced that all sorts of nonsense took place; my view is that the chancers and those who were just not true to the cause were tested and found wanting. They have now gone. Although they still in some cases cling to the financial rewards by being ‘independent’ in their continued membership of the European Parliament.

Labour without a doubt are in big trouble, they have an inept, dangerous and impotent leader. Video recordings in the public domain, of a radio interview where Jeremy Corbyn condemned the British Army for their actions in Northern Ireland yet he would not on three occasions having being pressed, condemn the actions of the IRA, he then hung up, needs much more press.

This man and his London centric party have abandoned their traditional working class strongholds, especially in the North. McDonnel, Thornberry and Abbott are regularly found out, ridiculed and scorned by political commentators and the audiences of political programmes. They have no answers and choose instead to simply make things up.

Tristram Hunt and Jamie Reed have seen the writing on the wall and jumped ship. They have secured fruitful jobs outside Parliament and left the Labour fold. This I believe is the first of many. Ukip as a party should not think now about fighting a snap general election. We must now channel all our resources to give support and aid the fight in any future bi-elections caused by disaffected Labour MP`s who see the writing on the wall.

In the Stoke Central by-election the Labour party have put forward a candidate who has said that “Brexit is a pile of shite”, bearing in mind almost 70% of the constituency voted to leave, it does not bode well for that young man.

In Copeland our candidate is a health care professional with over 25 years of experience. She, more than our leader Paul Nuttall (who has by some polls a 10% lead) needs the support of the party, there is every chance that we could shortly have three MP`s sitting in the house.

The misnomer and unreadable issue troubling this party is the Lib-Dems. They have a resurgence which is unexplainable given Fallon and Clegg`s continual clamour for a second referendum. Their language is annoying, repetitive and boring yet they are not turning people off with their message. This should be very worrying.

Our new leader has made a definite impact, the movement within the party for AGMs and calling the NEC to account seems to have dissipated. The new seven members of the NEC should have a positive impact, let us see. The changes to the Party, such as regional representation on the NEC which it is thought by many are much needed, seem to be on either the back burner or they have been quietly forgotten. If the latter is in place then that is not acceptable. The back burner stance is more palatable but only whilst we try and get our leader into the Commons.

Representatives of the party popping up on all sorts of TV chat and comedy programmes and being ridiculed and slaughtered seems to have stopped, thank goodness. People acting as spokespeople for the party, clearly without clearance has also it seems, ceased, again thank goodness.

Whilst the future is very bright for this party, a cautionary note is needed. We have to get away from talking about the single issue of Brexit, which thankfully has overtaken the toxic issue of immigration (that battle is most certainly won).

We have to start espousing and promulgating our manifesto, local and national issues need to be the topic of our conversations. We have to bang the nationalistic drum. The call to the flag, the patriotic message, is a winner. People are looking across the water to the USA, although some things emerging from the new presidency are unpalatable, the ‘America first’ message resonates with people here who feel left behind and marginalised.

So Kippers, onwards and upwards, we cannot be idle and complacent. We have to act and make the effort needed to ensure that all that has been fought for comes to fruition. All that has been said has some meaning. All that we stand for is understood and embraced by the population who will, if we act now, elect us.

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