Over the last few weeks, many members of our Party have talked about leaving (and some have left) because of the stance Gerard has taken over issues that no-one wishes to mention or, indeed, a bit like holocaust deniers, don’t believe that they occur. Imagine if UKIP had never talked about unlimited mass immigration, where would be today? Difficult issues have to be talked about without hatred or racism and this is what UKIP does best.

On the BBC News website for Wales (Saturday 28th July) there is a huge headline: 143 young people between the ages of 2 and 17 were found to have been trafficked in Wales and used as child slaves, in many cases for sex, in the last 18 months.  Perhaps because the BBC has finally reported it, all the people who deny this is happening might just believe those brave people like Gerard that are trying to get this into the open. In this BBC bulletin you read the story of Eva who thought she arrived to become a nanny. Read the rest for yourselves … Again, children aged 2 …!

Perhaps those that think Gerard is wrong also think there are other more important issues than those of the 143 children that have been found. I would suggest that this is just the tip of the iceberg – in Wales – and wonder if you multiply this across the UK what figures you would find.  Is Lord Pearson right when he says the rapes run into millions? Those of you who think this is fantasy and live in our wonderful leafy countryside would do well to read ‘Please Let Me Go‘ by Caitlin Spencer. It is one of two books Lord Pearson recommended during an interview he did in March 2018 with Tommy Robinson which you can watch on Youtube – what an eye opener!

Would anyone like to write to me and tell me what is more important than protecting all our children, and think deeply about what horrors they have faced! This is Great Britain – no protection for these young people in 2018: not by the police, not the social services, not the teachers and certainly, heaven forbid, not our MPs (Rotherham just proved that to our own cost) and also not our recent past Home Secretary – the name is familiar – one Theresa May.

Many of you will think that Tommy Robinson ‘deserves all he gets’ because you all see and believe what the press says about him. Indeed Gerard’s Office has received many phone calls and emails lambasting Gerard for his stance on this man. The way the press portray Tommy makes Adolf Hitler look like little Red Riding Hood. So the suggestion from Lord Pearson is to read Tommy’s book ‘Enemy of the State‘ and then start thinking. Perhaps it does not have the same ring as ‘The Long Road to Freedom’ but it is hoped and prayed that the outcome for Tommy is the same as it was for Nelson Mandela – and that he is released this week.

Before any of you who think this stance is wrong and rush to pick up the phone or write an email, please do as Lord Pearson suggests and read Tommy’s book or look at the interview with Lord Pearson in March this year;  or look at Tommy addressing the Oxford Union. Read what is happening in our prisons. Start listening to those that really know and please don’t think of resigning from UKIP until you find out for yourselves!

The point is this. Together we (UKIP) got a referendum. Together we (UKIP) won a referendum. Together we (UKIP) will make Brexit happen. Together we (UKIP) will get legislation back into Westminster. Together we (UKIP) will ensure laws are written to make the punishment fit the crime. Together we (UKIP) will make the evil people who do these unspeakable things to any child find out what punishment will be given to them. Together we (UKIP) will be the Party of the real people. Together we (UKIP) will beat the rest of the sanctimonious, self satisfied, smug politicians and civil servants who purport to represent us.

So those who have infiltrated UKIP from the establishment or other parties with the collars and ties and the same smug smiles (many of whom have now gone thinking their job was done and UKIP was finished – perhaps we may have a lingerer or two still) must understand that UKIP is a party of real people and understand what is happening in the real world. It is real people we represent.

One of those who has now retreated, had a meeting in London with Gerard and myself some four months ago. This suited and booted gentleman told us the way forward was for the Party to go into receivership and then re-invent itself – as if that could have been done just like that. Well, there were two of us and one of him and his suggestion was refused!

Jane Collins received death threats following her speech at Doncaster from certain sections of the community. We were sued and have paid the price honourably and did not hide or dodge behind receivership. My personal view is we owe Jane a great debt for having the courage to speak out on behalf of all these young people whose lives are forever blighted. Her message of unspeakable rape and torture was effectively silenced of over 1000 girls in one town alone – not a city – a town, Rotherham.

To all those who have had their lives blighted as described in just these two books alone: without UKIP there will be no change! UKIP needs to unite behind Gerard Batten and Lord Pearson and responsibly never be afraid of being the party that brings the issues to the table.  The first goal is to achieve Brexit and the rest will follow naturally.

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